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Digital consulting

Creating the right conditions to accelerate a company’s digitalization process, with a customer-centric and collaborative approach, developing innovation, jointly building the digital strategy and its operational implementation, leveraging data, modernizing processes and supporting change.

Our assessment

Transforming to take advantage of digital opportunities

In a world that is constantly evolving, companies need to reinvent themselves to become more efficient and to meet the expectations of new customers. Digitalization has transformed the economy, a change that brought with it new work and consumption habits. The heavy competition that is present in many sectors with new players promotes the creation of new services and products.

Accelerating your digital transformation has therefore become vital and this process presents numerous strategic and operational challenges.

  • How to design and provide the experience that will set you apart
  • How to adapt and unify your organization to accelerate your digital transformation
  • Which technological solutions best meet your challenges?
  • How to increase your turnover and secure your ROI

Our approach

We help management teams, operational departments, business units and IT departments focus on a common innovative vision, leveraging the opportunities offered by digital tools.

We make sure to fully understand your corporate strategy in order to identify the best-suited digital strategy and associated performance indicators.

Our teams of experienced consultants operate within a structured collaborative approach. They are highly field-oriented and draw inspiration from Design Thinking. Our consultants highlight added value adapted to each user and provide our B2B and B2C customers with their experience in all facets of organizational digitalization.

Our multi-disciplinary teams are involved from the upstream phases to the deployment and operational monitoring of solutions.

Our expertise

We steer the digital transformation of businesses by combining the expertise needed to help organizations grow and thrive in the digital age.

We help our customers capitalize on data, modernize business processes, leverage new technologies to create efficient digital experiences and develop digital talent and culture.

We provide advice that is well thought-out and based on a user-centric approach, which we align with our expertise. As such, we are able to adopt the most favorable approaches in regard to your challenges: coaching, technical expertise, facilitation, consulting, auditing, etc.

“Despite the lockdown, there was no shortage in commitment on behalf of the SQLI teams. A close and trusting relationship was immediately established. The collaborative approach was a core aspect in the relationship. SQLI has also demonstrated its proactivity, and we were well advised, from the call for tenders, with a well-identified and well-supplied backlog.”

Adeline Dejy Digital Solutions Manager, Gravotech

Our offers

We support our customers in the transformation of their corporate strategy into an operational digital strategy, using a “customer-centric” and “data-driven” approach, in order to achieve their business objectives.

We focus on perceived value at a very early stage as it is fundamental to start from the user’s needs. In doing so, we help define the digital solutions expected by target users for a better effort/value ratio.

Design sprint - a process derived from design thinking - allows you to accelerate digital innovation and solve complex issues by prototyping a solution which is tested by end users in 5 days! Innovative concepts are therefore tested while limiting the risks of your initial investment.

We rely on the creative spirit of our teams and on a prospective approach in order to define, design and deploy digital systems (organizations, methods and tools) that play a role in the development of innovation in companies.

Each organization is unique and its transformation projects have impacts that must be measured and managed with customized change management plans. Our experts use co-construction approaches to define and implement this change management.

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