SQLI Nantes moves into its new premises in the Cabestan building

Since 15 April 2019, all the Nantes teams have been working together in brand new premises in the Euronantes-Malakoff quarter. The agency and the Innovative Services Center (ISC) continue to grow and are now providing a new premium working environment for their staff: a 1,000-square-metre space designed to encourage interaction, creativity and collaboration. 

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LSA - Eric Costechareyre :  Why 'French Days' are precipitating the difficulties faced by retail

French Days (a French version of Black Friday) officially began on the 26 April 2019 and ended on the 1 May. Held twice a year, they have become a major event involving retailers and consumers. Behind the promise of unbeatable special offers for buyers and additional revenue for brands hides a more mixed reality. Let’s take a closer look.

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Observatoire de la franchise –  JouéClub is awarded the 2019 Digital Transformation Award

For the fourth edition of the Trophées de la Transformation Numérique (2019), JouéClub was awarded the E-commerce Award for its digital transformation campaign in 2018. 
The architect of the transformation was the digital agency SQLI, and its integrated digital marketing agency WAX Interactive, with its expertise in omnichannel commerce.

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