Tisséo Collectivités redesigns  its intranet on SharePoint

Tisséo Collectivités, the authority in charge of mobility in the Toulouse metropolitan area, has improved information sharing in order to promote day-to-day collaboration. For assistance with the redesign of its employee intranet, Tisséo turned to SQLI, an expert in design thinking and design sprint methodologies, which make it possible to mobilise a working group to achieve collegial, tried-and-tested production that is approved by end users.

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Focus RH - Alix Howard: Are digital practices  leading to overload in companies?

Digital transformation is a necessity for practically all organisations today, whatever their type and activity. With fast-changing practices, generational imbalances and the current health crisis, there are many reasons to embrace digital. Besides the daily challenges it poses, what if this forced transition produced employee overload?

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CIO - Pierre Fabre makes it easier for candidates  to take clinical tests with a redesigned platform

Pierre Fabre Laboratories' Skin Research Centre, based in Toulouse, called on SQLI to rethink its platform for recruiting and managing volunteers for clinical tests.

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Digital Workplace: connect, collaborate and grow sustainably

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