Calling all startups: bring your ideas to life in a day!

In recent years, with a concern for current social and environmental challenges, the digital agency and unified commerce specialist SQLI has deployed initiatives to help build a sustainable future. This engaged player is launching a call for proposals from startups throughout France for its Ideathon being held in Bordeaux at the end of 2019.

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Forbes - Eric Costechareyre :  Govern technology to unify commerce

Guiding marketing and digital departments over the past five years, omnichannel has initiated the cultural transformation of retailers based on the customer experience and journey. It has also revealed the inability of many organisations to translate this seamless journey in terms of both technology and internal governance. Unified commerce is aimed at meeting this dual challenge, which has been left vacant by omnichannel, in order to offer a friction-free experience at last.   

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Observatoire de la franchise –  JouéClub is awarded the 2019 Digital Transformation Award

For the fourth edition of the Trophées de la Transformation Numérique (2019), JouéClub was awarded the E-commerce Award for its digital transformation campaign in 2018. 
The architect of the transformation was the digital agency SQLI, and its integrated digital marketing agency WAX Interactive, with its expertise in omnichannel commerce.

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