Further online growth of the #1 food service in the Netherlands

Sligro Food Group, which has food service companies in the Netherlands and Belgium, launched a new food service platform in October 2020. Digital agency Osudio worked with its partners Amplexor and Sentia to create the platform that will enable Sligro Food Group to fulfil its current and future online ambitions.

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Focus RH - Alix Howard: Are digital practices  leading to overload in companies?

Digital transformation is a necessity for practically all organisations today, whatever their type and activity. With fast-changing practices, generational imbalances and the current health crisis, there are many reasons to embrace digital. Besides the daily challenges it poses, what if this forced transition produced employee overload?

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Solutions Numériques - SQLI migrates Lyon Aéroport's marketplace on Magento 2

In order to enhance passenger access to its airport services, Lyon Aéroport has strengthened the base and functionalities of its website and marketplace thanks to SQLI, a web and e-commerce specialist integrator.

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Digital Workplace: connect, collaborate and grow sustainably

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