Calling all startups: bring your ideas to life in a day!

In recent years, with a concern for current social and environmental challenges, the digital agency and unified commerce specialist SQLI has deployed initiatives to help build a sustainable future. This engaged player is launching a call for proposals from startups throughout France for its Ideathon being held in Bordeaux at the end of 2019.

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Economie Matin - Maxime Thubière :  Start-ups, finance your development!

In the world of entrepreneurship, one of the critical issues that remains is financing, which is the key to making your business sustainable and giving your idea a real chance. In this quest (worthy of a Fortnite mission), we quickly realise the complexity of the ecosystem surrounding us and the multiple opportunities that can open up to us once we’ve identified them… And that’s where things get really complicated!  

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Alliancy - SQLI homes in on retailers

For the past 30 years, SQLI has assisted brands with their digital transformation. Today, this French digital agency is expanding in Europe and aims to position itself as one of the main technology platform experts in e-commerce.

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