SQLI reaffirms its commitment to developing employee skills

SQLI is ever more committed to the upskilling of its employees. Its proactivity is demonstrated by the trophy awarded by Coorpacademy, specialist in e-learning for businesses, to reward the company offering the greatest variety of content on its training platform in 2020.

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LeMagIT - Estanislao Montesinos Gomez - Manufacturing: digital transformation is impossible without data management (2/2)

With global supply chains and the complex landscape of suppliers and vendors, the coronavirus pandemic impacts manufacturers the hardest. As digital becomes the lifeline for many organizations today, Covid-19 is fast-tracking digital transformation worldwide. As the driver for digital transformation, Master Data Management (MDM) lets manufacturers create tangible business value out of their data.

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L'Usine Digitale: how Jøtul transformed a corporate website into a platform for its retailers and end customers

Jøtul, a Norwegian manufacturer specialised in cast iron stoves and fireplaces, called on SQLI to review its entire digital ecosystem. The aim was twofold: improve brand awareness among future users of its products and promote the expertise of retailers, which are a key link in the purchase chain.

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