A night at the museum: Airbnb offers a completely new experience once again

"Airbnb – Belong Anywhere". This sets the tone. Airbnb – the online accommodation rental and booking market leader – has once again amazed us by launching a co-branding campaign with a museum we know well... the Louvre!

How can a co-branding partnership between a pure play company and a museum work? Read on to find out more.

Airbnb – the co-branding?leader

Over the years, Airbnb has become something of a benchmark when it comes to original co-branding. The aim of this strategy is to highlight its positioning, which is to make people feel like they belong anywhere. The idea is to make any place comfortable and unique, to create an extraordinary customer experience. In France, Airbnb joined up with Galeries Lafayette for the Sales in 2015. Recently, the online accommodation rental leader decided to work with the Louvre, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the museum’s famous glass pyramid. Their interest in art and culture is nothing new, since in 2016, Airbnb recreated Vincent van Gogh's painting?Bedroom in Arles, offering a lucky few the chance to stay there. Given its immediate success, they decided to try something totally new in the world's biggest museum.

Source: www.airbnb.fr/b/louvre 

What are the benefits of this co-branding campaign?

For the Louvre.

Above all, it offers a way to arouse the interest of a target segment that is becoming increasingly disinterested in art and culture venues: in a word, youth! As Adel Ziane, Deputy Director of Communications, explains, the Louvre is pursuing this approach through a number of digital projects. For example, it ordered the creation of a YouTube campaign to raise its profile on this platform, which is very popular among its target audience. "Statistics tell us that 50% of visitors to the Louvre are aged under 30. YouTube's audience is mainly formed of 18 to 34-year-olds, making it a medium that suits our target. The aim was to address young viewers and make them want to return to the Louvre." Beyoncé and Jay-Z also filmed their music video Apeshit among works in the Louvre. Given the huge influence of these musicians in the world of art, it was an excellent opportunity for the Parisian museum to increase visitor numbers and reach out to target audiences that hardly ever go to museums these days. Elsewhere, the video led to the creation of a visitor trail named after them, which can be seen on the museum's website. This co-branding partnership also creates value of another kind, by modernising the image of the museum, which is able to work with a pure e-player while remaining true to its image. Furthermore, it is an opportunity for the museum to develop its digital strategy and presence, an objective in line with the need to arouse the interest of a younger audience.  

For Airbnb.


Opération airbnb le louvre

This brand has become a specialist in creating original customer experiences. Above all, Airbnb attracts a huge number of young people from around the world. This leader in online accommodation rental has once again demonstrated its ability to adapt and partner with a brick-and-mortar establishment, to create an experience in line with its positioning. It left its comfort zone to come face to face with the general public and the world. It also created visibility among a target segment that may not be used to renting accommodation to private individuals. There is clearly a growing trend towards co-branding partnerships between 100% digital players and brick-and-mortar establishments (and vice versa). In order to further highlight their promise and positioning, the creation of original and memorable experiences is the way to go.