Oliver Sweeney steps forward with SQLI in next phase  of ecommerce digitalisation

As one of the early investors in the Magento ecommerce platform, Oliver Sweeney has turned to SQLI, a digital services company and long standing Magento partner. The focus is to help Oliver Sweeney realise their digital ambitions by developing a compelling customer experience during the shopping process; a unique experience that aims to connect customers across all stages of the customer journey. 

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Journal Du Net - Emmanuel Jouan-Gastou: Who benefits from omnichannel commerce?

From single-channel to cross-channel, commerce has experienced several waves of digitisation. Now, accompanied by the transformation of technology, omnichannel commerce is becoming a business reality. The players involved are now changing and are perhaps not those you would expect.

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With the rapid growth of data science, cloudification of information systems and popularisation of agile methods, profiles sought out by IS departments are radically changing, against a backdrop of skills shortages and rising wages. Which are the most promising career paths? The article identifies six main job families.

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B2B e-commerce success

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