[Ebook] Become your company's "Agile Hero"

It hasn't escaped your notice: today's consumers expect a brand or a company to be able to constantly adapt and evolve its offer according to the needs of its customers.

If you are reading this, no doubt you are already convinced that Agility is essential to any company that wants to make the most of its resources and stand out from the competition. However, making an organisation Agile is far from easy! It requires questioning long-established processes, fostering change within your company (or, at least, in your teams), and changing mentalities.

Rest assured: with the right methodology, solid support, and a heavy dose of enthusiasm, you yourself can become your company’s Agile Hero!

This ebook aims to help you ask yourself the right questions to develop an agile strategy, accompany your teams in this process and even become an outstanding workshop organizer!

Chapters list

Page 4 - The questions you need to ask yourself

Page 7 - The three pillars of agile support

Page 9 - Seven workshop ideas for your top managers

Page 12 - Creators of digital experiences


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