Big Data BI Solution

Simplified analysis of a very large volume of statistical data from the civil air navigation market to strengthen its commercial teams.

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E-commerce strategy

Masterminding the implementation of Printemps Group's e-Commerce platform and created its very first online sales site: www.citadium.com.

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Special Business Intelligence Issue

BI Impacts on Finance, Purchasing, Production and even Marketing & Sales departments: the latest BI trends deciphered by our experts.

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Decision-support platform

An effective decision support platform solution for improved monitoring of coffee and foodstuff sales integrated by EoZen-SQLI Group

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A more intense user experience

Because it is close to its consumers, Canderel has chosen Wax to provide a more intense user-experience thanks to new functionalities throughout all its online communication channels.

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"Mobile" Expertise

With TAN mTicket, available on iPhone and Android, electronic tickets are making the leap for the first time in France from experimental stage to roll-out to the general public.

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Augmented Banking

The smartest way to get value

SQLI has developed an innovative Augmented Banking solution aimed at reinforcing the role of banking within digital relationships and enhancing its value.

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New SQLI Agency Showreel

(Re)discovering agency talent

SQLI agency invites its clients and prospective clients to discover or rediscover its talents through its 2013 showreel. Watch it now on the Group's YouTube channel!

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Acquisition et connaissance client

Entrez dans l'ère du marketing social et comportemental et augmentez le panier moyen de vos clients.

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CRM Mobile

Applications métier

Combinez les forces du CRM et l'efficacité de la mobilité à travers des applications CRM Mobile conviviales et innovantes.

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Entreprise Asset Management

White paper

SQLI gives you key information towards maximizing complex asset management and yield. The white book contains the testimonies of Albioma, SRD, the Great Sea Port of Martinique and Punch Powerglide.

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Thursday 24 April 2014


Les usages Mobiles pour doper la productivité de l’entreprise :

Thursday 17 April 2014


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When seeking to be more reactive, innovative and to industrialize digital projects, technological excellence is more than a necessity, it is a strategic asset.

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Being more competitive, developing one's market share and setting oneself apart are so many ways we can bring that digital promise to fruition together!

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