Three months from discovery to live: Accelerate your digital transformation with Redbox Ignite

Your business strategy has changed. You need to pivot direction quickly. Ecommerce is suddenly the priority, but your existing platform can no longer support your plans or growth.

However, losing the ecommerce trading team from the day-to-day management of your existing site for six to 12 months to manage the new platform build is giving everyone sleepless nights.

Redbox has the solution with Redbox Ignite: a proven, fixed-cost package for merchants where the aim is to take you from discovery to live within three months - without compromising on quality.

Brands that have opted for the unique Redbox programme over the past year include iconic toy store Hamleys, organics food and drink company Daylesford and furniture retailer OKA.

Redbox’s CEO, Jonty Sutton, said: “Our approach is to get the merchant live in the quickest time feasible and then accelerate their growth and learning of the platform, once it’s live.”

Jonty Sutton, Redbox's CEO

Why Redbox Ignite?

Are you a merchant needing to re-platform or launch a new brand or region? Want to switch to Adobe Commerce but are unsure about the features you’ll need long-term? Do you need to get to market quickly? Want to reduce your initial cost?

Setting up a new online store can be a daunting task. From top to bottom, there is a huge amount to consider and it can come at huge cost, both financially and time-wise.

In an effort to make sure nothing is missed out that may be needed further down the line, some brands can think too far into the future.

While the company’s long-term plans might include scaling up, many features may not be needed for months or years. Other features that could be desirable in the planning phase ‘wish list’, might not actually be useful at all when the company gets to grips with everything the platform has to offer.

Adding these to the implementation can cause unnecessary costs and time.

Redbox’s Commercial Director, Kevin Ludford, explained: “A lot of customers will purchase Adobe Commerce without spending a lot of time finding out exactly what’s in the product. It’s feature-rich. Customers are often unsure what their ecommerce priorities will be in the mid to long-term and which features are mandatory versus what are nice-to-have. They may have one or two demos but are unclear of the finer details.

“The best way to learn about the product and the features you need is to start small. Get it in to production, get your staff using it and they’ll quickly realise what features they like, what they don’t like and what’s useful and what’s not. That’s a good way of them learning.

“Rather than designing a ‘complete’ solution that may not be right for the business, Redbox Ignite enables the platform to be up and running and fully functional in a matter of a few months, gets the staff to merchandise and work with the platform daily, and decide what they’re missing or what further requirements they need.

“It cuts costs, stops wastage and gets the online store up in the quickest time possible.”

What’s included?

Redbox Ignite is a proven, fixed cost package for merchants around the globe who are looking for the highest quality, fastest time to market and reduced risk and cost. More than 80 per cent of required features are “out-of-the-box”, allowing for some customisation. Some of the features include:

  • Mobile-first (premium custom design): The rise of mobile phones over the last ten years has shown that a mobile-first design has to take priority. Redbox Ignite starts the product design with the smallest screen first and then expands the feature set to include desktop or tablet. It’s about designing with a strong mobile foundation and adding enhancements as you go.
  • Over 30 functional enhancements to Adobe Commerce.
  • Look-book functionality: An Adobe Commerce plug-in allows customers dynamic online experiences such as virtual in-store window displays, shoppable editorial content and zoom-and-pan product images, with a rollover link to the product information and price, as well as an “add-to-cart” button.
  • Payment Gateway: Redbox has partnered with number of payment gateway providers, including Adyen,, Klarna and Braintree. Redbox will advise on the best payment solution dependent on the merchant’s needs.
  • SEO and performance optimised: Redbox will support merchants in applying all the best practices to get the maximum SEO performance out of the Adobe platform such as creating SEO-friendly URLs, speed optimising, configuring page titles and meta descriptions etc.
  • Omnichannel-enabled – ensuring the look, feel and language is cohesive across channels and touchpoints and wherever consumers connect with your brand.
  • SLA/KPI based engagement metrics: we’ll agree the scope for the partnership and establish key milestones on the road to online retail success. This will ensure everyone is working towards a common set of goals over an agreed timeline.
  • Content staging: is a feature in Adobe Commerce that allows easy product and campaign scheduling and content updates directly from the backend dashboard, helping improve efficiency and speed.

All clients in the B2B and B2C space have access to an experienced team of developers and UX designers that will see the project through from start to finish, with full support along the way.

The Ignite framework comes with ‘best-in-class’ integration solutions from our partner ecosystem, including payment solutions, marketing automation, Product Information Management and personalisation options.  Our partner roadmap is constantly evolving to ensure we have the best collaborators and solutions to support our clients’ needs. Partnerships include:

Dotdigital: an omnichannel marketing solution for B2C, B2B, and NFP marketers. Import data, build segments and triggers, and create relevant marketing campaigns that engage your customers on their favourite channels.

Nosto: the Nosto Commerce Experience Platform allows brands to deploy fully-personalised, integrated commerce experiences with fine-tune control of merchandising rules – across product recommendations, content, category pages and more.

Klarna: a payment solution that lets your customers choose how they want to pay, with buy now and pay later options.

Akeneo: a Product Experience Management solution that collects and centralises product information from virtually anywhere, improves team collaboration and productivity around product information enrichment, and helps you deliver the most compelling omnichannel product experiences.

ShipperHQ: is a shipping rate management solution that equips your storefront with always accurate shipping rates and delivery options tailored to your business.

Klevu: AI and NLP-powered ecommerce personalisation product suite that includes site search, navigation and merchandising to deliver hyper-relevant, personalised experiences.

Redbox Ignite gives customers the option of a fully functioning, quick-to-market platform with all the integrations ready for you to use – leaving money in the budget for future improvements when you are ready.

Don’t just take our word for it

Redbox has partnered with dozens of brands who have made the decision to re-platform using the Redbox Ignite framework. The iconic British toy store, Hamleys, opted for Redbox Ignite on Adobe Commerce and went live in December 2020 after just three months.

Deval Shah, Group Vice President, Reliance Brands Ltd, said: “Redbox Ignite was the way to go, timelines were tight and we needed a solution in place quickly.  The framework offered ‘out-of-the-box’ pre-developed modules, plug and play.

“There are lots of aspects of the programme that are ‘ready-made’, enabling a quicker time-to-market which squeezes timelines and cost.

“It’s a great solution for merchants – and proved a perfect solution for us.”

In summary

While Redbox Ignite won’t be right for every brand and situation, retailers are increasingly seeing the quick-to-market, fixed-cost solution as a compelling proposition to expediate ecommerce growth.

Kevin added: “Redbox Ignite follows a best practice user journey: a designed theme that can be applied very quickly that will steer the customer away from having to customise areas like the check-out when often, it is not needed.

“Some customers might think they have unique requirements, but it’s about putting controls in at the beginning so they can have a fully-functioning ecommerce platform that allows them to merchandise products, enables customers to find a product easily and to take it to checkout as smoothly as possible - all within a confined set of features. This allows us to control the scope of the project and timelines to get them live as quickly as possible. Of course, there will still be some customisation included.

“But we don’t see it as the start and finish of a project.  It’s the first step. We always say, ‘the fun starts once you go live.’ When you go live, it’s a case of ‘what features do we want to add?’, ‘How can we improve this?’, ‘How do we want to scale our business?’.

“Redbox Ignite is all about laying the foundation as quickly as possible so merchants have a site up and running. It is essential they then adopt a test-and-learn culture to make the most of this – in order to use the site and work out what else they need as they go. The feedback we are getting back from merchants about this approach is fantastic.”

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