Six reasons why brands choose Redbox as their digital partner

Well over a quarter of a million businesses across the globe use the Adobe Commerce platform to power their digital operations.

From Hamleys and Diesel to Seasalt, Nespresso and Nahdi – many of the biggest brands in the world are running their online stores on what was until recently known as Magento Commerce.

Whether you are turning to Adobe Commerce for the first time or are looking to improve or upgrade your digital experiences for your customers, you will need to find a trusted partner to support your vision and growth.

But what makes a good digital commerce agency? How can you tell if they are the right fit for you?

We asked some of our clients why they chose Redbox as their preferred commerce partner – here are some of their top reasons:

  1. A wealth of experience

Experience is a key component when it comes to building meaningful digital commerce experiences: experience of markets and customs around the globe; experience of using different technologies; experience of handling large digital builds and meeting tight deadlines.

Redbox began in 2004, although its leadership team has spent much longer in and around the industry. Over the years, Redbox has gone on to become one of the top ecommerce agencies and Adobe Solution Partners in the UK, Middle East and across the globe and one of only a handful gaining Adobe Platinum status.

It is behind some of the most recognisable brands’ digital stores in the UK, including Fortnum & Mason, Hamleys, AXA, Screwfix and Seasalt, while Diesel, Nespresso and Nahdi are just a few of the brands it has partnered with overseas.

Recognised for its technical, strategic and creative capabilities, Redbox excels in building commerce experiences on the Adobe Commerce platform with Adobe Enterprise Manager integration expertise.

It understands complex systems that make businesses run smoothly and enables the integration with ERP, PIM, CRM and PSP for easy transition and operation.

Redbox CEO Jonty Sutton said: “We believe there is no better substitute than experience. Our vast body of work, locally and internationally, is testament to that.

“It’s cliched, but we build trust through knowing what we are doing and doing it well. It’s a key part in what we work hard to achieve.

“We have an exceptional creative team and brilliant developers, with vast experience of building some of the most recognisable online stores around the world.

“Our in-depth knowledge of the Adobe Commerce platform and technology experience means more often than not we will have seen or implemented something similar to what a customer is wanting.  This avoids any problems or pitfalls.”

  1. A consultative approach

While some agencies have a one-size-fits-all or fixed approach of working, Redbox prides itself on its consultative approach.

At the beginning of the process, Redbox works collaboratively with brands to help them find the right solutions for their needs. Depending on the size of the project, a part-time or full-time project manager will be put in place who will ensure the build process runs smoothly and on time. The company believes in the importance of open dialogue throughout, for a real partnership to form.

Jonty said: “Each clients’ expectations and requirements are different. Working with them in a consultative way instead of having one process for all, is the reason why so many of our clients choose to partner with us. We are proud that many of these partnerships continue many years after they begin.”

Redbox recently completed a new omnichannel experience on Adobe Commerce for Hamleys in just three months.

Deval Shah, Group Vice President, Reliance Brands Ltd believes communication was key to its success. He said: “Our conversations were productive and honest.  We appreciated the valuable feedback from Redbox on how we should approach various challenges such as the right payment gateway to use, the security features and the way we should manage content. It ensured the project went smoothly.”

  1. World-class design and creative capability

Redbox are not just experts when it comes to technology. Its professional design team is renown globally.

Led by creative partner, Paul Lewis it has helped shape the look, feel and customer experiences for a host of famous brands, including Heal’s, Faber & Faber, Elemis and Paperchase, with the latter winning Best Magento Design at Imagine Magento.

Years of experience in retail and digital means the team really understands the customer journey and how best to enhance it through good design practice. It believes easy navigation online is the difference between a sale and abandoned cart.

During the site design process of menswear retailer Charles Tyrwhitt site, Redbox stripped back the discounts and deals to provide a better customer experience.

Paul said: “Promotions and deals are an important tool for brands in attracting customers, but having too many on your platform can have the opposite effect.

“With the Charles Tyrwhitt site, we designed a user journey that almost gamified the idea of better value. If you buy one shirt, it reminds you that if you buy three more you get a discount, but it does it subtly.

“The idea is that instead of shouting about it all over the place, it builds it into the customer journey.”

  1. Global knowledge and reach

With offices in London, Dubai, Cape Town, Sydney, Auckland and Mauritius, Redbox has a wealth of knowledge of global markets.

This means its teams are well versed in the laws and customs of various regions and can advise on the best outcomes, whether that be content, logistics or payment strategies and solutions.

Also part of the SQLI Group, Redbox can tap into an extensive network of strategic thinkers, technical doers and design creatives across Europe.

Jonty continued: “SQLI is a formidable force in the digital commerce and design world, working with some huge brands like Airbus Group, Nespresso and Carlsberg.

“While Redbox has a reputation in the UK and Middle East for building exceptional digital commerce solutions, SQLI has multi-platform expertise and capability across Europe.”

  1. Exceptional partner network

Over the years, Redbox has redefined its offerings to deliver best-in-class solutions and integrations in collaboration with its partner ecosystem.  They’ve aligned with the best of the best across platform design and architecture, payments, marketing automation, search, shipping, personalisation and PIM to provide better outcomes for customers.

It is by no means an exhaustive list but over the years, Redbox has worked closely with Klevu, the AI powered search company; payment provider, Klarna; marketing solutions powerhouse, Dotdigital; PIM provider, Akeneo; and Nosto, who provide personalised, integrated commerce experiences across product recommendations, content, category pages and more.

Through these partnerships, Redbox has delivered robust integrations and extensions on Adobe Commerce to bring the best commerce experiences tailored to the client’s individual needs.

  1. 24/7 support and aftercare

With Redbox’s international support teams, customers know they are in good hands around the clock.

Mauritius Centre of Excellence (CoE) and SQLI’s Innovative Service Centre (ISC) in Morocco, offer brands unrivalled service and aftercare in French and English, 24/7.

Customers have access to a highly experienced team of developers, UX designers and support staff to deliver projects on time and provide first-class development and assistance.

While they work quietly behind the scenes, their invaluable input has contributed to long-lasting relationships with some of the biggest brands across the globe, from Nespresso, Nestlé, Seb Group, and Fortnum & Mason, to Legrand and Screwfix.

There are around 600 experts across the two ISC sites in Morocco, with teams of up to 100 or even 200 people working for a customer at one time. The ISC provides the support to help develop and deliver projects and maintenance for brands. The Mauritius Centre of Excellence has around 22 technical experts providing services including trouble-shooting and testing, to installing upgrades and more.

Mauritius DevOps and Support Delivery Manager, Gulshan Beejan explained: “Not many agencies provide 24/7 support, but it gives customers peace of mind knowing they can call us at any time with any query or urgent issue.  There’s always someone on hand to pick up the phone or answer an email.

“We are used to solving problems that are brought to our attention but we are extremely pro-active too. We have people constantly testing the sites behind the scenes and this allows us to predict problems before our clients even known about them.

In conclusion

With digital playing an ever-increasing role in retail, choosing the right partner to support you on your digital journey is more important now than ever.

With a wealth of experience at its finger-tips, it’s clear why brands are turning to Redbox to build their digital experiences on the Adobe Commerce platform.

Its technical know-how and exceptional design team stand it apart, while clients in the B2B and B2C space have access to an experienced team of developers and UX designers that will see the project through from start to finish, with full, collaborative support along the way. A close relationship with technology partners, payment providers and other digital experts, mean Redbox has the solutions for even the most complex requirements.

These are just six reasons why clients choose to partner with Redbox. Want to find out how we can help you with your next project?  Give us a call!