Customer Reviews – Your Greatest Tool

Customer reviews can make or break a business.

Customers now expect detailed, peer based review systems to provide detailed and trusted information about a product or service. The more used a review system, the more trusted it is and the higher the volume of reviewers creating a democratised atmosphere of trust. A lack of customer reviews typically tells shoppers one of two things. The store doesn’t sell enough to receive reviews, or that the business isn’t confident enough in its products to allow honest reviews. is the first and best example of product reviews boosting product sales. The detailed yet simple 5 star layout provides at-a-glance information but text for greater details if desired.

The reviews will also contain practical information overlooked by marketers, or tips for the best use of the products, fantastic for building brand engagement and customer experience. Reviewers will also hold no prisoners when it comes to product quality or pricing, so it's important that these are appropriately balanced. Poor quality on an expensive item will not be tolerated and will yield many bad reviews.
Customer reviews need not only benefit a pure-play digital retailer, conventional retail units can also benefit from customer reviews on their websites, integrated with an online store or click and collect services. Such reviews in an Omnichannel environment could also be available in-store on a smartphone via beacon technology, or through in store tech and installed kiosks.

For our work with Screwfix Germany and Screwfix Ireland, we integrated databases from Bazaarvoice, a third party which collates product reviews from multiple sources. This ensures a diverse range of product reviews in numbers high enough to build trust through an accurate representation of the product.

To find out how product reviews can change your business as part of a wider Omnichannel strategy, contact us today.