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Online Design

We design anything that can be displayed on a laptop, smartphone or tablet screen.

Feels good, works good, looks good

We believe that online design is where two worlds meet: the world of your organisation and its business goals ánd the world of your customers and their needs. With more than 30 years of experience in digital, our designers know exactly how to design digital products & services that drive your bottom line.

From an organisational perspective, our designers:

  • Design for conversion
  • Design for customer engagement
  • Design for consistent brand experiences
  • Design for scalability

From a customer perspective, our designers:

  • Design for customer needs and challenges
  • Design customer journeys that reduce friction
  • Design customer journeys with delighters
  • Design for accessibility and brand recognition on all devices

Online design as a sustainable business model: translate your value proposition into solid digital experiences that the drive success of your brand.

Our methodology: Design for success

We design digital products & services with business and user experience at heart. Design Thinking methodology allows us to take a human-centered approach for creative problem solving and innovation. By involving actual customers throughout all phases, we design and validate solutions for every product touchpoint.

Important in our process is to design for success, where feasibility of business objectives and organisational or tooling constraints are taken into account.

Our Design Guiding Principles

Start with the end goal in mind: what is the purpose of your digital product? Having all parties aligned helps us to focus with greater precision and intention on what we are doing, why we are doing it, and where most value is created.

Focus on customer Jobs To Be Done and design navigational way finding simple, intuitive and consistent on every page and all devices via responsive design.

Arrange grids, components and elements on every page in such a way that it establishes a focal point to indicate most important information. This can differ per device and is done by colour, imagery, size, contrast and many other styles.

The power of industry best practices and competitive benchmarking increases customer adoption and saves costly investments by not reinventing the wheel.

“Assumption is the mother of all f*ck ups.” Empathize with customers to identify their needs and talk to business to discover their objectives. Validate sketches and wireframes at early stages to quickly eliminate biases and avoid costly reverse engineering.

A digital product or service is never done and requires continuous improvements to remain or attain your competitive advantage. Opportunities are fuelled by insights from experience or behaviour data and can be radical or incremental. 

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