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Digital Marketing Strategy

Marketing consultancy, solution implementation and training to enable personalization and data-driven marketing capabilities within your organization.

Create awareness and engagement for your brand

Guaranteeing your digital success goes beyond simply knowing who your audience is. It also demands you understand how to attract, convert, and retain your audience. Regardless if you operate an established company or have only recently started on the road to business success, customer-centricity and digital marketing enable you to build traffic, develop your brand’s reputation, and ultimately create more awareness and engagement for your brand, products and services in general. In this complex world of managing multiple channels, touchpoints, and moments-of-truth, a clear strategy is required to connect to and engage with your audience, if you want to be successful at generating and improving leads.

Marketing that scales with your business

Our approach is based on an analysis of your current digital marketing performance using both experience and operational data points, a comparison to the performance of your peers, in addition to an assessment of your target audiences. Together, respecting all your business goals, we craft a clear digital marketing plan and take the required steps that ensure you get the most out of data-driven personalization and scalable marketing. Using a digital experience management system can help your marketers streamline a number of processes, such as content creation, personalization, distribution, and performance analytics. This in turn improves their experience and saves them time, making your marketing strategies less cumbersome, more scalable, and better equipped to deal with automation. The result; you always have the best tools at your disposal for driving business growth.

Drive your revenue and loyalty with testing and analyses

Another tool SQLI can add to your toolbox is account-based marketing, which focuses on growth in targeted markets and audiences, and does so in a highly collaborative environment where marketing and sales meet. Throughout your customer journey’s highly personalized communication, both your content and campaigns will be leveraged to drive ROI and loyalty. We can also support you with A/B and multi-variant testing, and provide in-depth analyses of your X + O data and SEO/SEA performance. We are avid proponents of creating positive feedback loops through continued analyses and testing, as this ensures all your marketing efforts are based on factual insights and drive the most value possible.

If all this sounds a bit overwhelming, feel free to reach out to us. SQLI is your full service digital partner for creating and successfully executing your digital marketing strategy!

B2B Digital Marketing Workshop

Whether you are a B2B business but don’t have a digital marketing strategy in place yet, or you do but it is not meeting the business objectives, our 1-day workshop will uncover growth opportunities, benchmark your results against those of your industries and show you use cases of similar players in your industry. We work together with your team to identify potential gains and roadmap your next steps for a solid digital strategy.

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Digital Marketing Strategy Services

Marketing Consultancy and Training

Marketing consultancy and training, and designing a growth strategy that is tailor-made for your organization or business.

Data-driven Personalization

Data-driven personalisation and setting up dashboards that allow for elaborate monitoring and management of your digital channels.

Solution Implementation and Training

Extensive experience in working with the latest solutions for marketing, testing, analyses, and AI. Beyond setting up all these systems correctly, we can also train your teams in how to use them.

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