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Actito is a Customer Activation and Marketing Automation Platform to attract, engage and retain valuable customers.

Successful brands need to invest in adding value and creating an experience that encourages existing customers to keep coming back for more. These experiences need to be curated through the end-to-end customer journeys. However, many companies invest too many resources in driving traffic, but very little in strengthening the customer relationships to drive further purchases and loyalty.

What is Actito?

Actito is an Agile SaaS Customer Activation & Marketing Automation Platform that helps non-technical marketers to activate their data and to manage their multichannel campaigns and interact with each contact in a very personalized way. This enables the companies to reach out to the customers at the right time, with relevant content for the customers by leveraging the automated scenarios across each stage of the customer journey.


Actito brings into a single solution the ability to track and analyse in-depth customer data and then enables the usage of this data to continuously optimize and drive a more satisfactory end-to-end experience for their users and customers.

Key features of Actito

  • A database to centralize your relevant customer data. Actito brings together the power of every data source into a single solution for profound contact management with a strong legal feature from consent and opt-in management compliant with GDPR, segmentation, personalization and activation.

  • Intuitive automation journey orchestration to create your omnichannel campaigns and initiatives that reach your customers at the right time and with the right, relevant content.

  • In-depth analytics and reporting to learn what performs and what doesn't. It allows you to be agile, to enter in a test-learn-iterate mode that generates ROI fast and efficiently.

  • Powerful drag and drop e-mail builder that enables you to easily create e-mails with detailed customer data, features such as dynamic content, conditional blocks and RSS-fed content to create high engagement. 

  • Out-of-the-box E-commerce/retail predefined omnichannel scenarios that can be activated with just a few clicks. Some examples are "welcome, drive to 2nd purchase, abandoned cart or value segment upgrade" scenarios. We can help you select and build the right scenarios for your company. 


At SQLI we craft digital experiences that define the success of great brands. Our vision is to create a diverse world filled with authenticity. To craft digital experiences that people love and that make great brands shine (again).

Digital is in our DNA. We started with designing and building websites in the ’90s. Over the years, we grew into a full-service digital agency, while never losing our focus on e-business. Since 2017, we are part of the SQLI group.

Our Marketing Automation capabilities are delivered from all of our offices.

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