Partner Profile: Take your ecommerce catalogue in-store with ebizmarts POS

Ebizmarts is making omnichannel a reality with their iPad POS for your Magento store.

A recent trend amongst retailers has been the strive to create a better and more unified customer experience across all channels. Whilst the idea of a unified customer experience is nothing new, the technologies available today that enable retailers to improve customer experiences have come a long way.

Moreover, according to a report from Cisco, 86% of customers will spend more money for a better shopping experience. Therefore, for retailers, identifying which technologies can enable them to provide superior customer experiences has become incredibly important, and well worth the investment.

ebizmarts POS is an Enterprise Grade mobile Point of Sale (POS) app dedicated to the Magento ecommerce platform. Upon installing the POS module into Magento, your ecommerce data is synchronized into an iOS app, allowing your Magento instance to be accessible via an iPad.

Not only does ebizmarts POS enable retailers to leverage their ecommerce catalogue in-store, but with accompanying functionality such as endless aisle, queue busting, in store pickup and ship from store, the POS allows retailers to draw the link between ecommerce and in-store environments for a true omnichannel experience.

Moreover, in the strive to create better customer experiences, one of the greatest challenges retailers face today is marrying their in-store experience with that of their online offering. Indeed, for most retailers whilst both their in-store and online shops coexist, they are often developed and run independently of each other.

However, as technology has developed, so have customer expectations. Online, customers expect to find products quickly and easily, they expect to be recognised by the computer and they expect a seamless checkout experience amongst other things. In-store, customers often get frustrated when they don’t experience the same high level of customer service and control that they find online.

On top of this, retailers who separate their online and in-store environments also struggle to gain a complete 360 view of their customers. ebizmarts POS enables retailers to compare the same customer’s online and in-store shopping habits. For example, by arming staff with ebizmarts POS, sales assistants now have access to valuable customer data including purchase history, wish lists and abandoned online carts, this enables them to be more engaged and knowledgeable about their clients, therefore, allowing retailers to provide their customers with a truly personalised customer experience.

ebizmarts POS supports Magento merchants as they tackle the modern challenges of the retail and ecommerce worlds head on. With over 2,500 iPad deployments across 50 different countries, ebizmarts POS has enabled retailers to leverage the power of Magento in-store, creating a more unified customer experience via a number of key features such as:

  • Omnichannel out of the box
  • Shared customer and catalogue information
  • Simple, configurable, bundled, grouped, virtual products support
  • Gift card support
  • Quickly create orders and returns
  • Take card present and cash payments
  • Email receipts
  • Pickup in store
  • Ship from store

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