Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition: What's the big deal?

At this year's annual Magento Imagine conference in Las Vegas

The ecommerce platform giant announced a new product. During the keynote speech, Mark Lavelle, Magento's CEO revealed to the audience: Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition.

What does this mean and why is it a big deal?

Until now, merchants operating on the Magento platform had two main options for hosting their data. They would turn to a third party hosting company to rent server space. Alternatively, they would buy servers and manage the process from the inside, which also meant hiring the right people. In addition to this, any updates on Magento consisted in hiring services from the hosting company or using the internal team to manage changes, whilst monitoring and managing any issues.

With this new offering, Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition comes already hosted as part of the package. This means, no third parties, no additional staff, automatic updates as well as optimised speed and constant monitoring for a fraction of the cost.

How does Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition work?

Magento is offering this product as a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) by building it on Amazing Web Services' (AWS) expansive infrastructure.  This allows for larger load capacity which in turn means better scalability, improved speed and deployment capacity all with a 24/7 support.

Magento also teamed up with SaaS companies to offer the best PaaS possible. These include:

  • An automated deployment and hosting platform built on AWS
  • Blackfire io: A PHP performance monitoring company which uses continuous performance testing
  • New Relic: Also a performance monitoring tool but with the capability of also testing server infrastructure to browser performance
  • Fastly: A Content Delivery Network which allows quick diagnosis of any issues and makes any changes when it comes to performance.

source: Magento

Redbox and Magento Cloud

At this year's Magento Live UK, we announced the first Magento Cloud project with our client Oliver Sweeney.

“The biggest thing for the Cloud Edition is that everything is in one place. From the AWS system to the latest version of Magento to the management tools, all included out-of-the-box,” said Alex Barbier, Digital Marketing Director for Oliver Sweeney. “The way our website runs is just as important as in-store customer service. We need a platform that we can easily scale up if required but can also be customised to our brand. The website is our virtual shop front and we feel that Magento’s offering is best suited all of those needs."

Jonty Sutton and Alex Barbier from Oliver Sweeney presenting the first Magento Cloud project at Magento Live UK 2016.

When asked on stage about Magento Cloud, our CEO Jonty Sutton mentioned: “We are seeing an overwhelming demand from merchants to offer highly differentiated customer experiences along with simplified integration with existing systems and enhanced ability to respond to the rapid pace of technology change,” said Jonty. “Magento is once again disrupting the retail landscape. It is combining the best of SaaS — easily deployed, vertically scaled, easily maintained, protected and upgraded — with its industry-leading flexibility for full control of the customer experience. The differentiated flexibility and personalisation Magento offers allows organisations to create the best digital commerce experience to engage shoppers and drive sales.”

Redbox is one of the first digital commerce agencies to implement the new Cloud Edition with the support and trust of Magento.

Are you be interested in upgrading your digital commerce capability? Want to know more about the new Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition?  Talk to us.