Crossing the Mobile Bridge.

Mobile technology is permeating every level of our lives.

Customers on the high street are likely to be browsing shops with a bag in one hand, and a mobile phone in the other.

An enormous opportunity has clearly presented itself, and has led to the early formation of Omnichannel marketing theory. Retailers now have the chance to create favourable disruptions to the conventional marketplace through the exploitation of emergent technologies.

Redbox is at the forefront of Omnichannel strategy, offering innovative consultancy and practical solutions as well as world-class expertise with Magento, the #1 Ecommerce platform available today.

Omnichannel strategy, which among other things utilises mobile technology within an in-store environment, dramatically enhances and expands the customer experience, offering detailed and engaging information to the customer at each step of the customer journey. Fulfilling the modern demand for immediate information and peer review via mobile technology will increase overall spending and ensure a higher rate of returning custom.

Early adoption of mobile/in-store bridging technology has already begun. In a recent poll, 11% of retailers are considering or actively planning to use iBeacons within a store environment to expand customer experience and offer targeted marketing information based on location. To read more about iBeacons, visit our blog on The Rebirth of the Highstreet.

More retailers still are increasing their online scope, creating small networks of both web pages and apps to fully develop an Omnichannel strategy covering web, mobile and in store. Apps are now being used for payment via Paypal, click and collect services, and for in-store scanning of products in order to see or leave reviews of the product on the internet.

Crossing the bridge into mobile gives customers more control over their own shopping experience, the avenue for virtual shop assistants and augmented reality is open, and has already been exploited by some.

Earlier this year, Redbox launched a virtual assistant kiosk in an outlet of Sun and Sands, a Dubai based clothing brand. The kiosk offers style suggestions based on prior customer choices, gives customers full control over the lighting and music in the changing room, and delivers a top line customer experience.

Redbox’s early adoption of new technologies, and its world leading expertise in Magento Ecommerce software make it the only choice when it comes to building a mobile bridge and a customised Omnichannel strategy tailored to your customer base.