Workshop: Unified Commerce

A large step in trying to understand the complete sum of your e-commerce operation, and how all areas of contact fit together in digital business. In this workshop we will focus in growing your business by exploring more channels and use them right.


The path the customer takes to find your specific eCom looks entirely different for each person. The demands and expectations are different to us all. But the bottom line is all about a deeper understanding of the Customer Journey - how you can help your client in the best way possible, no matter where they enter the plethora of your channels. Unified Commerce is an holistic approach that connects all the dots, both physical and digital, and aims to create an experience that is truly extraordinary.


We will start with a call of about 30-60 minutes where we sift through the contents of a Unified Commerce strategy. After this, the presentation and material for the workshop will be sent over (before the actual workshop takes place).

The workshop is done either online or a physical location. We will have senior colleagues moderating and defining the agenda. Afterwards, our e-commerce strategists will summarize and deliver the result of the workshop. A presentation of the results is also possible.

With this material in hand, you will have the framework for creating a successful Unified Commerce strategy. It can also be used to shed light on specific areas or components to improve in a next step. Examples can be business cases, how to perform an analysis, product- or order information, market places, e-commerce platforms, in-store, POS- and payment providers, logistics etc.


This workshop aims to show how a strategy for Unified Commerce can be created, and what parts should be included.

  • A half-day workshop with e-commerce strategists and experts from SQLI Nordics
  • E-commerce strategy with a focus on areas of contacts and channels
  • How you can implement a strategy with the goal of strengthening your sales and marketing channels
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Price: 0 SEK. Thats right, free. Normally the cost of this workshop is 25.000 SEK, but during this campaign you can apply to have it free of charge. Read about our terms and conditions below.


För att säkerställa ett bra samarbete mellan oss och nya potentiella partners har vi tagit fram några generella villkor. Vi vill helt enkelt stämma av några saker innan vi går vidare. Läs gärna igenom villkoren nedan innan du ansöker. Uppfyller du inte villkoren, men vill fortfarande testa workshopen? Ansök ändå, så återkommer vi till dig.

In order to be able to benefit from this exercise and our expertise, we believe that your company should be active within e-commerce, with an existing solution already in place and a dedicated team that continuously work with and improve your e-commerce business.

We are expecting to be able to perform 2-4 workshops per month. If that quota has already been filled, we might have to say no to taking on new workshops.

This workshop is an offer from SQLI Nordics. Hence, it is available in the Nordic countries (Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland). Depending on the distance, it may have be to be performed via video link.

The offer is only valid for new clients. Are already a client with us? Then we'd be happy to do this workshop with you, but you will have to start off with getting in touch with your customer representative and take it from there.

SQLI Nordics have the full authority to decide on which clients we believe to be a good match, and will therefore be able to freely accept or deny applications.