Workshop: Customer Journey Map

In order to fully understand your customer experience over time, you need to understand what your customers are faced with. And a fuzzy idea of what that might be in the back of your head is not enough - the first part in improving your customer journey is to establish a structured overview in the shape of a Customer Journey Map.


To increase the value of your digital business, one of the most crucial areas to analyze is how you are treating your customers and creating loyalty. We are talking about your customer journey, from first contact to a ambassadorship. By creating a Customer Journey Map, you are creating a clear overview of the entire journey and its phases. The exercise and its outcome, the actual map, helps you identify both your strengths and your weaknesses. The result is an overview that identifies the weakest links of the chain, making improvements immediately possible.


We start off with a call of around 30-60 minutes, where we together talk about your situation and what needs you have. After that, we prepare the materials and send them over together with a presentation to you in advance. We will do the workshop online or in a physical meeting (if possible).

We bring senior colleagues from our side that will be in charge of the workshop, summarize what is produced and deliver the results (the actual map) afterwards. We can also help with presenting the result if you wish, a presentation like that would take around 30-60 minutes.


The purpose of the workshop is to identify different possibilities and challenges that the client will face when being in contact with your company. We will develop a full map of the over-arching Customer Journey and will look at it from different perspectives, scenarios and areas of contact to find the most important insights regarding your customer's experience.

  • A half day workshop
  • Customer Journey Map (focused on e-commerce)
  • Areas of contact (could be Omnichannel or Unified Commerce)
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Price: 0 SEK. Thats right, free. Normally the cost of this workshop is 25.000 SEK, but during this campaign you can apply to have it free of charge. Read about our terms and conditions below.

Terms & conditions

In order to make sure that we will have a good working relationship with our new, potential partners we have developed some terms and conditions. We simply want to make sure about a few certain things before we start working together. Please, take the time to read through them before you apply. If you don't feel like you fulfill the terms, but still believe we could have an interesting collaboration? Don't hesitate to apply anyway, and we'll get back to you.

In order to be able to benefit from this exercise and our expertise, we believe that your company should be active within e-commerce, with an existing solution already in place and a dedicated team that continuously work with and improve your e-commerce business.

We are expecting to be able to perform 2-4 workshops per month. If that quota has already been filled, we might have to say no to taking on new workshops.


This workshop is an offer from SQLI Nordics. Hence, it is available in the Nordic countries (Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland). Depending on the distance, it may have be to be performed via video link.

The offer is only valid for new clients. Are already a client with us? Then we'd be happy to do this workshop with you, but you will have to start off with getting in touch with your customer representative and take it from there.


SQLI Nordics have the full authority to decide on which clients we believe to be a good match, and will therefore be able to freely accept or deny applications.