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How to maintain your visibility when launching a new solution

Search engines account for 20%-40% of the traffic to your site. Imagine that traffic is lost when launching a new solution; how much damage does it really mean for your business?

Unfortunately, SEO is often an overlooked area when a new website is to be developed and launched. The focus is often on creating a better solution than the previous one, which is more user-friendly, more inspiring and creates greater revenue. All of these goals become difficult to achieve if SEO has not been prioritized and you suddenly end up far down the results list.

In his inspiring white paper, our star Johan Björtin, Data Insight strategist at SQLI Nordics, shares his best and most concrete tips on how to carry out a migration while increasing the chances of maintaining your visibility in the organic search.

3 key take aways from this white paper:

  • What does a migration to a new website mean from a search engine perspective?
  • How does SEO affect your potential business?
  • Keys to a successful migration

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