[Checklist] Omnichannel: 7 tips for an effective IT organisation

Companies with a website and mobile app are increasingly looking to homogenise the two channels in order to offer their users service and experience continuity, while optimising development costs.

What's in the checklist?

However, this functional homogenisation presents new challenges for IT departments. Very often, this involves significant changes in termes of organisation, tools and working methods, for several teams. As “captains” of this transformation, IT departments need to ask themselves the right questions, be methodical and seek support if they are to guide the ship home.

Here are some tips for success from web and mobile solutions project managers.

You will discover how to:

  • Work in feature teams
  • Apply standards and new methodologies
  • Adapt workspaces and rituals
  • Facilitate deployments


Chapters list

Page 4 - #1 Set a course

Page 6 - #2 Identify prerequisites, links and risks

Page 7 - #3 Develop a global technological approach

Page 8 - #4 Work in feature teams

Page 10- #5 Apply standards and methodologies

Page 11- #6 Adapt work spaces and rituals

Page 12 - #7 facilitate deployments


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