[Checklist] Drive traffic to your website in five stages

With the arrival of digital marketing, more and more businesses are aiming to optimise their website in order to boost turnover.

And for good reason – your digital plan is a key component of your marketing strategy. In addition to conveying your brand identity, it is an essential conversion tool. But traffic generation can prove extremely complex; your users’ habits change constantly, and SEO criteria are increasingly restrictive.

The aim of this document is to give you the keys to a successful traffic generation strategy and offer you insights into its different stages, as well as the questions you need to answer in order to do it right. In this checklist, you will learn:

  • the key steps of a traffic driving strategy
  • the different traffic generation tools
  • the secrets of an efficient Social Media strategy

Chapters list

Page 4 - #1 Set your objectives

Page 5 - #2 Identify your targets

Page 7 - #3 Develop your strategy and prioritise

Page 11 - #4 Get involved and analyse

Page 13 - #5 Adapt your digital plan

Page 15 - FOCUS ON the keys to a successful SM strategy


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