"Why doesn't it crash?" - Bubbleroom future proofs by moving to the PIM-cloud

For over 15 years, Bubbleroom has been selling clothing and accessories from both exclusive and cheaper brands online. The e-commerce solution is extensive with approximately 7300 products in the assortment, which in turn places high demands on a well-functioning PIM system to keep track of all articles and create as smart processes as possible.



Bubbleroom has long been using the PIM system inRiver and had a well-established on-prem solution in place when our paths crossed. Like for many other e-retailers, it was of interest to move the PIM-system to the cloud and we at Star Republic got the confidence to help Bubbleroom out.

How easy or difficult is it to move a PIM solution to the cloud and what does it require from an organization? An upgrade to the “PIM-cloud”, or more specifically to the iPMC that inRiver calls its cloud solution, is not a time-consuming project and with focused efforts from both customer and partner it is possible to be up and running in just a month. The challenge is often to prepare well and be aware that a migration can mean downtime, as a backup of the existing production environment always needs to be secured. A work that needs to be timed and planned to follow the fluctuations in the e-commerce’s performance in order to not affect the business more than necessary.

In short, the major part of the work exists of rewriting code as a move to the cloud is done by relocating so-called connectors in the PIM system (with different purposes and integrations) to fit in a cloud structure.

So, do you actually profit from moving to the PIM cloud versus sticking to an old on prem solution? In the short term, it will of course be an investment, but in the long run you will be able to enjoy cost savings by moving your data to the cloud by for example getting rid off unnecessary costs for extra servers. In the cloud you ensure that your data is available at all times and increase the security level of it by not having to rely on a backup server, worrying about local power outages etc. Investing in a cloud-based solution is also a future guarantee that you will have access to the latest innovations and functions in the area, as many PIM suppliers now primarily focus their development on their cloud services.

At Bubbleroom, all these benefits have already been noticed and the upgrade to the PIM-cloud feels like a decision in the right direction according to Linus Johannesson, Image Coordinator at Bubbleroom.

“- We are very pleased with our upgrade to the cloud and feel that our PIM system, which is an incredibly important part of our e-commerce, is now future-proof and secure. The whole move went surprisingly smoothly and quickly. As with all launches, both we and Star were prepared for something to go wrong, but after operating flawlessly for a few days, we could happily lean back and realize that there was no crash and no bugs, everything worked flawlessly. A really successful project!”

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