SQLI Switzerland continues to grow and opens an agency in Zürich

Opening of the first agency in german-speaking Switzerland

SQLI: an alternative vision of digital & a unique positioning 

Companies and brands have now taken on board the need for the digital transformation. We are no longer at the stage of wondering 'why' it is turning economic models, customer relations and the way of working in the company upside down; we are clearly at the stage of 'how' we address it, accelerate its implementation, and embody it in a very real way to get the most out of it.

The digital transformation is now on everyone's lips and in everyone's thoughts, but what digital has profoundly changed is above all the role of the individual in terms of their way of consuming a product or a service.   "Customers are not always right any more; they are all-powerful Gods now", says Patrick Bousquet-Chavanne, Chief Marketing Officer at Marks & Spencer. Indeed, it is consumers (or users) who now lay down the law to companies and it is the overall experience that they have, whether in physical places or via the multiple digital channels available to them, that persuades them to become or remain customers of a brand as well as recommend it.

SQLI was set up in 1990 and is the leading European company in terms of the connected experience and is a partner to major brands who choose digital and the customer/user experience.  Its unique positioning at the crossroads of marketing and technology enables it to meet the challenges of developing sales and reputation (digital & social marketing, customer experience, connected commerce, data intelligence, etc.) and the challenges of internal productivity and efficiency (digitisation of operations, collaborative company, mobility and connected objects, CRM, etc.) in a comprehensive way.

A strategic location 

"Brands now want to get assistance from operators who can support them with their digital transformation and converge all of their requirements to build the tools which will make this transformation possible for them.  This ranges from the Advice given to company departments in terms of defining their project to the development and management of solutions (e-commerce, mobility, social media, etc.).Our value proposition is to offer services combining marketing skills and technologies with a unique commitment", explains Renaud Detcheverry, Country Manager SQLI Switzerland.

SQLI has been present in Lausanne and Geneva since 2001, and the opening of this new agency indicates the SQLI group's desire to extend its presence internationally and consolidate its image as a major player in digital transformation."Zurich is one of the most important economic places in the world. Many major international groups have their head office there. These are the companies that we want to reach!” says Renaud Detcheverry.

SQLI Switzerland took the opportunity to appoint Martin Luchsinger as Regional Sales Manager in Zurich. Martin Luchsinger, who has been in Zurich for more than 15 years and is passionate about new technologies and has substantial experience in IT, will be supported locally by a team of experts with considerable expertise.

Healthy business in 2015 and excellent prospects for 2016

Last year was demanding for SQLI Switzerland, and there was a wealth of new projects.  Despite strong competition in the Swiss market, we held steady.   Indeed, prestigious customers entrusted their projects to us or renewed their confidence in us:  Nespresso for whom we have been managing their multichannel e-commerce platform internationally for 5 years, the Tamedia Publications romandes group for the design of the femina.ch e-shopping website, Visilab for the development of the e-commerce platform, and My-Store.ch for the creation of a mobile application amongst others”, says Renaud Detcheverry.

The opening of the Zurich agency extends SQLI's presence in Switzerland and represents another stage in the Group's international development.