SQLI supports the digital transformation of CCR with a service center

CCR has always striven to attain excellence for its IT System. With the arrival of digital technology in insurance and reinsurance, CCR has found a comprehensive partner in SQLI which supports it in its technological and organisational strategy.

This partnership is embodied by the implementation of a service centre that intervenes in innovation projects and helps maintain operational quality.

Digital-centric culture at CCR

La Caisse Centrale de Réassurance (CCR) is a public reinsurance operator, specialising in specific coverage on the French market but also in the life, non-life and special risks branches in France and abroad. Its digital transformation has been ongoing for several years. The company has invested in its IT system to provide its employees with the tools needed to achieve its objectives, with a strong focus on efficiency.Within this framework, it turned to SQLI to propose an efficient and innovative service centre organisation to help modernise its IT system.

This considerable project will allow CCR to:

  • Make applications more flexible and scalable by controlling maintenance costs;
  • Improve services available to customers and partners (insurance and reinsurance companies, scientific organisations, government departments, etc.) to provide them with useful and relevant information;
  • Optimise in-house processes for better operational performance.

SQLI was able to propose a system designed to ensure the sustainability of Object'ive, a service provider that has been active at CCR for several years. The continued action of its experts is a key factor for the success and maintained knowledge of the IT system.

A service centre to speed up digital transformation at CCR

"With its good knowledge of CCR, its wide range of expertise and prime consulting skills, SQLI has helped us, since late 2014, to define and implement our projects with a service centre", explains Xavier Chanet, IT Director at CCR.

This centre offers scalable and flexible services, combining functional and technological capabilities. SQLI is therefore capable of taking charge of the maintenance and scalability of CCR's IT applications (opening of systems, urbanisation of application blocks, workstation review, etc.)

A long-term partnership

The sustainable control of the IT system is not the only support provided to CCR's IT Division by the service centre. SQLI has also:

  • Set up a master plan for the scientific IT system for the Reinsurance and Public Funds Technical Research Department
  • Introduced a new development, configuration management and deployment platform to improve the reactivity and productivity of the IT Division's teams.
  • Modernised and restructured IT architecture to open up to new digital services (enrichment of websites, API Management, etc.).

"SQLI has broadened the CCR IT Division's effective know-how and skills to satisfy business requirements in an approach combining agility, speed and rigour. SQLI understands us and does not simply respond to technical requests: it is a privileged partner that has a general overview of our long-term requirements", explains Xavier Chanet.

In fact, other modernisation projects are in the pipeline such as the industrialisation of the scientific IT system and the review of the reinsurance management Front Office.