SQLI invites talented individuals in toulouse to find their dream job

A mission game to bring together people who are passionate about digital technology

In the highly competitive digital sector, SQLI's Toulouse agency has set a challenge for potential new recruits in the form of a life-sized mission game. Based on the escape game concept, the event will be an opportunity for talented individuals, passionate about new technologies, to put their investigative skills to the test and meet SQLI, Digital Experience Agency.

The Toulouse agency is holding a recruitment event on its premises, on the 22nd of November 2018 from 6 to 9 pm.  

The future adventurers will be asked to decipher the hidden puzzle created by the agency's director. Coding, puzzles and investigations are being specially designed for the event by Toulousescape, an escape game specialist. 

"The director of the SQLI Toulouse agency has hidden a secret in the company. Today, you will be given a tablet which is the key to solving the mystery.Explore clues, use your ingenuity and work as a group to find the answer!".

Before beginning the investigation, participants will be immersed in the world of SQLI. They will get a chance to get to know the company better and talk with technical experts and managers as part of a recruitment interview. 

SQLI is inviting people with many profiles to apply, to meet with its teams and talk about its business and job offers. To find out more and take part, candidates should send their CV or LinkedIn profile to toulouse.recrutement@sqli.com for a chance to get involved in the adventure!