SQLI assists Société Générale with its agile transformation

An agile center to offer improved responsiveness and efficiency

Société Générale has been developing the agile method for its projects for several years. The Group has created an Agile centre to identify good practices, to manage developments using this methodology and to train its internal clients and managers. SQLI is assisting the company with this transformation with the aim of going “fully Agile”.

Making the agile method the rule at Société Générale 

In 2010 Société Générale initiated a transformation programme incorporating the Agile method.Having analysed the performance of this new model and tested it on several projects, Agility has now become the rule for all IT projects. The objectives of this transformation are:

  • To improve the Time to Market,
  • To promote cooperation between partners,
  • To master the complexity of projects,
  • To promote team work.

SQLI chosen for its agile expertise

Société Générale chose SQLI to assist it with this transformation because of its expertise in Agile coaching and change management.

In the Agile centre, the SQLI teams:

  • Assist operational teams to implement agile practices and methods (coaching project teams and departments, assisting managers, etc.)
  • Help with change management“SQLI has listened to and understood our needs for several years now.

The two SQLI consultants provide us with their technical expertise in Agile coaching and change management, but also their good interpersonal skills and their ability to interact well with people.” explains Romain Ranson, IT Division Manager – Continuous Agile Delivery – Société Générale

Conclusive results!

The assistance offered by the Agile centre seems to be especially appreciated: 88% of people assisted say that they are satisfied. They like the method because they are involved in the transformation. The success achieved has also accelerated support for it.

We now have the maturity needed to launch our scaling-up programme with a roll-out in stages.” says Romain Ranson.

On the basis of this collaboration and the successes achieved, Roman Ranson from Société Générale and Pascale Pothin, one of the SQLI coaches, spoke at “Agile en Seine” on Wednesday 20th September in Paris.