SQLI assists Generali France to design its customer access area

A new customer area on a Drupal platform

SQLI was chosen by Generali France to help develop its customer access area and enhance its generali.fr website. On the agenda: a revamped customer relationship where digital solutions play the role of accelerator. SQLI will thus assist the Italian insurer with its new technologies to increase efficiency, improve its productivity and retain its customers who, more than ever before, expect personalised and smoothly run services.

Creating a unique customer experience

In order to support its multichannel digital strategy, Generali France wanted to offer its customers a central access point by consolidating all of its websites together (health, car, loan protection, private health insurance, etc.). To do this, Generali France turned to SQLI to develop the customer access area and the generali.fr website by equipping itself with a more modern tool thanks to a new interface.There are several challenges:

  • To give autonomy to both customers and departments (case management teams),
  • To optimise customer journeys, with a seamless multichannel journey for Internet users,
  • o provide robust and scalable architecture.

As Drupal's preferred partner and an expert in Agility, SQLI was chosen by Generali France to work on the two websites. Agility was a decisive criterion for the Italian insurer's French subsidiary, in order to have more flexible working methods and shorter development cycles.

Drupal technology and the Agile method

SQLI developed the website platform, which then made it possible to develop various features in the customer access area. This platform was developed using the Drupal solution, so that Internet users can have an enriched, personalised and omni-channel experience suited to their needs and to enable Generali to increase its marketing ROI and the loyalty and commitment of users.

"We used the Agile method for the project, which meant that we worked closely together and the different teams (departmental and operational) were very involved. With this in mind, we work in close collaboration with the Generali project team, from the launch meeting right up until it goes online. In order to optimise both the discussions and work production throughout the project, our team arranged to relocate to Generali's premises," explains Guillaume Contival, SQLI project manager.

Beyond the design, SQLI, as the Drupal technology point of contact, provided many technical recommendations throughout the project.

Simplifying the customer journey

Thanks to the platform designed by SQLI, the Generali France digital team was able to extensively enrich customer journeys and the customer access area's digital ecosystem. More fluid browsing has been enabled with a responsive website and real autonomy provided to users for any actions they wish to carry out.The generali.fr website offers access to:

  • information (news, agency contacts, etc.),
  • pricing and simulations,
  • the customer access area where users can look at their contracts, download proof of insurance certificates, and consult all their reimbursements, etc.

Other features will be added in the next few months. Customers will be able to do things more easily in the customer access area

"The customer is at the heart of our digital strategy: we want them to have a unique experience, and encourage them to want to choose and recommend our products. In short, this change will help strengthen sales, customer loyalty and increase multiple contract holdings. SQLI is the best placed partner to assist us with Drupal technology and its architecture, but also organisational Agility. SQLI's operational staff really work hand in hand with Generali to provide the best possible service. The first feedback from our customers is very positive and we hope that this is just the beginning," says Remi Ollivier, IT Department Manager: mobile applications and customer areas.