SQLI is assisting ENEDIS with its digital transition

With its Smart Energies offer, SQLI provides solutions adapted to the development of the linky meters' IS

SQLI was chosen by ENEDIS (ex ERDF) to take part in the extensive programme of setting up the whole Information System for the installation, configuration, supervision and management of the new Linky meters. SQLI particularly distinguished itself with its UX skills and design for LinkyBoard - the monitoring screens available in reception at the group's main sites. It's a project that fits into SQLI's offer of assistance to support energy operators with their digital transformation.

For SQLI: energy transition goes hand in hand with digital transformation

The energy transition disrupts economic models: decentralised production, the integration of renewable energy sources, increased knowledge of customer profiles through the exploitation of data, etc. This data comes from several sources - smart meters such as Linky or connected objects.That is why the digital revolution that the energy sector is currently experiencing is opening up fresh prospects. As such, SQLI continues to innovate and anticipate changes in uses which are taking place and sustaining this momentum: because digital and energy transition are major challenges for their customers, SQLI has created its Smart Energies offer. 

"Energy transition cannot be successful without technological breakthroughs and without profound changes in energy uses," explains Michel Cordier - Smart Energies VP at SQLI

Within this framework SQLI was chosen by ENEDIS, the electricity distribution network administrator in France, to assist with the development of the Linky digital meter IS. Linky is an essential part of the 'smart' distribution of electricity ('smart grids') with real-time and detailed monitoring of energy consumption. SQLI has been able to stand out among many other partners through its ability to offer ENEDIS comprehensive support to develop the Information System for the maintenance of meters during the LinkyParc project.

SQLI and ENEDIS: an already well-established relationship based on trust

"The collaboration with SQLI is above all based on trust between people. This collaboration makes it possible for ENEDIS to benefit from high-level experts. We enjoy working with committed staff. SQLI provides real added value, and particularly in terms of ergonomics and design. The skill of SQLI staff made all the difference," says Ayhan Yildiz, Manager of the Linky IS.

Several SQLI teams are currently involved in developing the new IS, in various areas of expertise on different projects: User eXperience, User Interface, Big Data, Mobility, etc. SQLI is contributing to the configuration of the Hadoop cluster, one of the largest Big Data containers deployed in France. The 'Mobility' and UX specialists are collaborating in the development of the LinkyBoard project, which makes it possible to monitor the roll-out of meters on giant screens which are installed in ENEDIS centres. Moreover, SQLI's artistic directors are working on the new Smart Connect platform to manage ENEDIS's future connected objects.

Through the Linky programme and its Smart Energies offer, SQLI has gained ENEDIS's trust and thus continues to provide its expertise to other ENEDIS departments or subsidiaries to assist them with their digital transformation.

"SQLI fully exploited its complementary skills on a high technology project. The mass of data from meters is profoundly changing ENEDIS's work and we really understood that. That is why the relationship with ENEDIS has been strengthened. This makes it possible for us to be proactive and learn from each another," concludes Michel Cordier, Smart Energies VP at SQLI.