A new interface for SNCF Terminals designed by WAX Interactive

A new user experience and a wider range of services.

SNCF has chosen WAX Interactive to help it completely redesign the interfaces of its self-service terminals. The objective announced by the railway group is to provide a modern, hitch-free and coherent user journey in keeping with its new commercial ecosystem, and include a cross-channel strategy aimed at extending the range of services available to users.

SNCF is transforming its commercial ecosytem

Over the past 5 years, SNCF has profoundly modernised its entire point of sale network. The aim for this world leader in daily public transport is to adapt to the new purchasing habits of its users. Thus, after having renovated its points of sale and created new services (store and terminal locator, appointment-making service, reception service at the entrance of points of sale), SNCF has maintained its momentum and is now transforming its Yellow Terminals.

Acknowledged and appreciated by users, these Self-Service Terminals make it easier for travellers to process simple operations.SNCF has chosen WAX Interactive to modernise the interface of its automatic ticket machines, rethink their use and ensure they are consistent with its new sales ecosystem to enhance the user experience.

Thanks to these new terminals inspired by e-commerce codes, SNCF is now providing a new user journey structured by clear "calls to action" aimed at integrating as fully as possible both cross-selling (purchasing complementary travel services) and up-selling logics (purchasing additional comfort services) without disrupting navigation.

The new SNCF terminals: a cross-channel & user-centric approach

After having worked in iterative mode during weekly workshops to reconsider all the main ergonomic principles and having asked users to test the design, the interface developed by WAX teams now offers simple, free-flowing ergonomics in keeping with the requirements of the target: the general public.The new journey thus designed provides a homogenous web and mobile experience. Displays pertaining to offers, services, information and all prices are fast, structured and comprehensive.

The journey now includes flexibility of use, which enables users to alter their choices and optimise their request without having to start the entire process all over again. Finally, the interface includes personalisation logic through customer recognition, by scanning loyalty cards in particular.In order to reassure the user throughout his purchasing journey, the interface is perfectly in keeping with SNCF graphics.

The user, who is guided according to his user context, can now complete any operation comfortably in less than 3 minutes; that is 30 to 40% less time compared to the former version.A pilot stage was launched in October 2015, prior to the new interface being generalised to all terminals during the first quarter in 2016.

Xavier Verne, Project Manager, SNCF adds that: "WAX teams showed great listening skills and flexibility in order to deal with our challenges and ensure the success of this multi-channel project. Furthermore, during the iterative workshops, teams systematically provided concrete suggestions that we were able to develop in real time. This, combined with the software's "full Agile" development, gave us considerable scope for ongoing improvement and enabled us to integrate feedback from our panel of users."