Lyon Aéroport selects SQLI and Magento 2 for its car park reservation website

A migration managed by SQLI

Lyon Aéroport provides its passengers with a comprehensive range of airport services that ensure a smooth experience. Its car park reservation website is a crucial part of this service offering, allowing passengers to travel with peace of mind and optimizing use of the airport's car park capacity. In order to enhance its offering and make it resilient, Lyon Aéroport called on SQLI's expertise to help it strengthen its website's foundations and functionalities.

Online car park reservation: a strategic service

Car park reservation is a strategic service to improve the experience of passengers at the airport and maximize the number of people leaving from Lyon-Saint Exupéry airport. This service makes it possible to optimize use of the capacity of the seven car parks, which are run by service providers or the airport itself, by highlighting their great proximity to the terminals, as well as offering very competitive rates, made possible by fine-grained management of the occupancy rates. It also highlights additional services, such as the flight delay guarantee and license plate recognition to open entry and exit barriers.

An innovative marketplace activity

In order to provide an enhanced experience for passengers, Lyon Aéroport is centralizing its services on its marketplace, which is integrated in its car park reservation website. For example, it includes partner offers that enable passengers to buy alternative transport tickets. This makes it easier for passengers who wish to travel to the airport by public transport, with all available transport means displayed on the website, where they can directly purchase tickets for the Rhônexpress shuttle. 

Lyon Aéroport is working to develop the marketplace dimension by increasing the number of partners to provide passengers with more services and therefore convenience. With this in mind, the company turned to SQLI to overhaul the technology foundation of its e-Commerce offering.

A complete overhaul as part of a continuous improvement approach

Satisfied with the services of Magento 1, Lyon Aéroport opted for the Magento 2 solution to meet its expectations. The main aim was to migrate the website to a new CMS that provides the following:

  • Reliability and security
  • The robustness required for operation of the algorithm behind the dynamic yield-management pricing system that the car park reservation service is based on
  • Scalability, in order to prepare for new functionalities and speed up operation of its marketplace
  • Ease of back-office management and webmastering
SQLI’s experts and Lyon Aéroport's e-Commerce team had 10 months in which to complete the migration and make improvements. The Agile methodology was chosen, and the following was achieved in 18 sprints:

  • Maximization of functionality performance, such as the yield management algorithm, in order to provide users with the most relevant information
  • Improvement of the customer account UX in order to facilitate access to information and reservations
  • Adaptation of the buying process to the specificities of car park reservation (such as entry of the license plate and flight number and choice of the flight delay insurance)
  • Addition of tools administered in the back office, such as "Our best rate" banners highlighting options among car park search results
  • Introduction of a multilingual version to capture more passengers, such as those from Switzerland

Damien Néri, e-Commerce Manager at Lyon Aéroport stated that: "I'm delighted with the work carried out by SQLI's teams. The Agile methodology set up for the project enabled our teams to work together seamlessly. The technical expertise provided by SQLI, which is a specialist in migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2, was a major asset, enabling use to run the project smoothly and meet our deadlines."

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