L'Oréal and WAX Interactive support hairdressers and beauty salons on the digital market

The digital business card for L'Oréal Partners

L’Oréal Professional supports hairdressers and beauty salons through affordable online marketing tools to better serve their customers and focus on growing their business. WAX Interactive leads L’Oréal on the way to the digital market and by creating a concept to ensure that all their partners can have the same marketing approach.

L’Oréal Professional: innovation in products

Hairdressers are very demanding when it comes to quality products to support their creativity. L’Oréal Professional responds by supplying hairdressers with the most innovative products, tested and approved by big names in the world of hairdressing.

The digital business card towards customers

WAX Interactive created the possibility for all L’Oréal partners to create a website at a low price, in a professional way and under supervision of L’Oréal. Every partner can choose one of three templates, designed by a premium marketing expert.. Then, the template is cutomized to the visual identity of the hair salon. The websites offered are Google optimized, user and mobile friendly and fully integrated with social media.. So far 200 websites have already been created.

A complete service package by WAX Interactive

WAX Interactive not only delivers ready-to-use websites, but it offers also an extensive service package that allows comfort and take a lot of work out of the hands of hairdressers. By using several new features partners have the possibility to digitalize a lot of their daily work.

For example, L’Oréal offers the possibility to create a personalised logo, an AdWords campaign, an online inspiration book and an automatic feed of their Facebook page.In the future, an e-commerce extension including a L’Oréal Professional product catalogue, will be launched. This new sales channel will give hairdressers the opportunity to sell L’Oréal products online without worrying about logistics, as it will be managed by L’Oréal.