Lima accelerates its digital conquest and renews its confidence in WAX Interactive

A profitable partnership with improved visibility on social networks

WAX Interactive has been assisting Lima since 2013 in developing its presence on social networks. In less than a year, the results are clear: 35,000 fans follow Lima on its Facebook page and the brand’s website has seen a 100% increase in traffic. Lima wants to step up its social web strategy in 2014-2015 by diversifying its initiatives to specifically target vegetarians, influential bloggers and its distribution networks.


Lima (Hain Celestial Group) is a European pioneer of organic and vegetarian food. The company has been built over 57 years on solid founding principles: to improve the quality of life through healthy and balanced food along with a healthy lifestyle. That’s why all of Lima’s products are organic, guaranteed pesticide-free, GMO-free, and prepared with respect for nature and the environment.

To sell its 220 products, Lima relies on a network of distributors: organic shops, independent shops, and large organic product distribution chains. To strengthen the bond with its consumers, Lima wanted to develop its points of contact and its visibility, but also optimise circulation of its messages and its philosophy by using social networks in particular.


Lima chose WAX Interactive in June 2013 for an advisory assignment regarding its positioning in developing its strategy on social networks as well as the content to be promoted in France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

A first Facebook page was launched in September 2013 and, combined with offline and online marketing initiatives, managed to acquire 35,000 fans in less than a year. In accordance with Lima’s philosophy, the promotion campaigns open up the world of Lima to the audience being addressed and each one redirects consumers to the brand’s Facebook page:

  • POS are displayed in shops to encourage participation in the online game to win 8000 Lima bamboo cups;
  • A Facebook game is put online: ‘Become a rice farmer and farm your paddy field’ by bringing your friends together to win a trip to see an organic rice farm in Italy;
  • A sponsorship campaign organised to build an irrigation system in Rwanda, with Lima committing to a contribution of up to €10,000 to the NGO undertaking the project;
  • A Facebook application is launched so that fans can suggest their own recipes.Thanks to active community management and the right words, the commitment of fans on the page turned out to be considerable, giving credibility to Lima’s initiative.

In addition, the ‘social media’ strategy has made it possible to boost traffic on its website with a 100% increase in visitors in one year!

Sophie Haeck, Marketing Director at Lima, adds: ‘Right from the 1st meeting we had a very good feeling. The WAX Interactive teams are open, and they love working and thinking about and understanding what’s happening.


With its experience Lima now wants to strengthen its image as a leading player for vegetarians and renew its trust in the WAX Interactive teams to carry out more specific online initiatives. The Facebook page is still the cornerstone of its social web ecosystem, but the focus will now be on vegetarian communities, retail shops and specialist bloggers.

Marie Anne Mazeret, Lima’s Head of Marketing in France, states: ‘We have now decided to work more on the qualitative and attracting the interest of a community which tallies with Lima i.e. a community with heightened awareness.

A mini-site based on the idea of ‘Happy veggie’ was launched back in November. The concept of the site is very simple - to explain how to become vegetarian and show how it can make you happier, with more than 100 video testimonies from vegetarians filmed in retail shops. Influential vegetarian bloggers are involved in the project in France, Belgium and the Netherlands by giving regular advice and their own personal recipes.

Pierre Thomas, Operations manager, WAX Interactive, explains: ‘Happy Veggie! It’s about showing the love of life and personal development through vegetarianism.

Lima will step up its new strategy in 2015 by introducing other initiatives to raise awareness about vegetarianism like:

  • Organising a treasure hunt in the brand’s resellers’ shops ;
  • Organising a competition to win vegetarian cooking lessons ;
  • Creating an application to be able to vote for the best recipe suggested by bloggers.