Klorane & vous : Boost the online and in-store customer experience

A new responsive hair diagnostic tool developed by WAX Interactive.

Klorane Laboratories, a leading dermo-cosmetic care product brand, chose WAX Interactive Toulouse to assist it with the complete overhaul of its hair diagnostic tool - Klorane & Vous - available online and in stores. With this new tool, the group wants to reinforce its image as an advisor and its expertise in the eyes of its clientele.

Klorane - A pioneering and engaged brand

Klorane is a dermo-cosmetic care product brand, and pharmaceutical and para-pharmaceutical leader in Europe, which has based the core of its business on exploring the world of plants to discover their benefits and offer daily care products based on them.

Klorane is a subsidiary of the Pierre Fabre Laboratories, a group which has a presence in more than 40 countries and had turnover of €2.1 billion in 2014. In June 2015 Klorane wanted to overhaul its hair diagnostic tool and chose the WAX Interactive agency to assist it with this project. 

Juliette Carray, Digital Marketing Manager of the Klorane Laboratories, says: "We chose WAX Interactive, SQLI's digital agency, because we have been working very well with them on third-party application maintenance for several years and it seemed natural to us to extend the collaboration. Especially as the project had a major technical component and required specific DRUPAL expertise."

Klorane & vous: 12 profiles, 16 questions, 25,000 recommendations 

Klorane wanted to overhaul its hair diagnostic tool in order to strengthen its value as an advisor for its clientele to boost sales of care products and help consumers to browse the offer. The brand's objective was to offer an improved user experience with ultra-targeted recommendations to meet the needs of its consumers and their habits as closely as possible. 

The WAX Interactive teams have developed a responsive website based around Drupal CMS interfaced with the brand's product catalogue. The diagnostic tool was completely redesigned to take into account a set of 'lifestyle' criteria - places and lifestyles, daily habits - in order to provide personalised responses and thus offer products adapted to the needs of the user and their lifestyle.Now more than 25,000 different recommendations can be offered to Klorane's customers depending on the 12 profile-types put together and 16 questions asked.

The WAX Interactive designers have created a sleek and luxury concept which reflects the brand, its values and its expertise.Klorane & Vous went online in June 2015 and has been available via tablet in around ten points of sale since December 2015, it has received a very positive reception from consumers and also teams in the field. Klorane wants to extend this project to other countries and is currently thinking about adding a scanning option for the brand's products.

Juliette Carray adds: "The result is high quality and we are very satisfied with it. We highly appreciated WAX Interactive's ability to challenge itself and get out of its comfort zone to lead a project and the brand towards a new style of communication."