Redbox launches first Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition site in Saudi Arabia:

Redbox is proud to announce the launch of Saudi Arabia’s first Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition site: was launched as part of the new omnichannel offering from one of Saudi Arabia’s most popular appliances retailer, Abdul Lateef Jameel Electronics. Built on Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition, the first in the Middle East, the new platform is a significant upgrade to the previous website, which was built internally by the Abdul Latif Jameel Electronics’ Ecommerce team. It was an important factor for Abdul Lateef Jameel to work with an experienced system integrator like Redbox Digital, to ensure the success of the significant launch under the new brand, redsea.

The results of such a decision were felt immediately as the site has delivered outstanding numbers in the four weeks since launch. has seen a 300% increase in traffic and the conversion rate is up by 50%.

300% increase in traffic and  50% increase in conversion

“The success of is a demonstration of how working with professional ecommerce consultants like Redbox, who have experience in delivering Magento platforms and understanding the needs of the business from a technology, UX and hosting point of view, is vital for a business, particularly in a fast-growing market like Saudi Arabia.” Mr P Venkat, Managing Director for Abdul Lateef Jameel Electronics. launched with several key features. As Saudi Arabia is a majority Arabic-speaking country, it was a priority for the website to go live in both Arabic and English. Redbox’s Click-and-Collect module, also included, allows customers to pick up items from any of the brand’s 20 nationwide stores, in turn increasing the Cash-on-Delivery (a favourite payment feature in the Middle East) conversion rates. The website’s checkout also includes the popular Saudi Arabian payment system SADAD. Other features include a product information management solution, personalised recommendations and intelligent search allowing improved search results in Arabic as well as English.