Pinterest Rocks Ecommerce with new Buyable Pins

Last week, Pinterest officially launched its first real foray into Ecommerce with its buyable Pins initiative.

In the near future, blue pins on posts will indicate that the item you’ve shared or viewed on Pinterest can be bought directly through the website of app and purchased via credit card or with Apple’s new integrated payment system, Apple Pay.

Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann said at an event held at Pinterest’s San Francisco HQ on Tuesday June 2 that “The thing users have been asking us for a while is the ability to buy”

Buyable Pins will be easy to pick out in feeds and searches, since each one also brandishes a blue price tag. Tapping a buyable Pin brings you to another screen with a “Buy It” button alongside the “Pin It” button. Selecting “Buy It” brings you to an order screen where users can pay.

With Ecommerce projects like this becoming the focus of the business, Pinterest is quickly justifying its $11 billion valuation to investors. It is a petri dish for Ecommerce marketers and advertisers to see what the future of the digital marketplace may look like. By relying on user-generated content and bypassing the conventional retail model, Pinterest will drive user experience, minimise overheads, and capitalise hugely on customer impulse. The social media bent of the company assures that products will be given huge international exposure and that customers are more likely to remain loyal to the brand.

Constant product variation and peer review gives customers a wonderful user experience, add in the ease of a one-step payment option thanks to apple pay and you have the perfect storm for a runaway Ecommerce success. Pinterest looks to corner the market, at least until Google launches its one-click search to purchase system, currently in beta.