How B2B can go Omnichannel

Like B2C, B2B commerce is undergoing a revolution.

Clients and customers are demanding a more all-encompassing experience which offers premium customer service, proliferated information, efficiency and maximum convenience. They want all of this and more delivered in a single platform which offers a premium user experience. To put it briefly, they want an Omnichannel solution.

So how can a B2B enterprise adjust to an Omnichannel environment, and deliver the experience clients and customers expect from a successful business?

The answer is to employ more B2C tactics in the delivery of services, but to integrate the principles of B2B sales into a singular platform.

For example, a platform should be able to offer personalised deals for strategically suggested products based on an account holder’s purchase history. This system could resemble a loyalty scheme as seen in a B2C environment, but instead of offering simple vouchers or rewards, it could offer wholesale discounts on products related to those purchased in the past (think a large order of cement followed by a tailored offer on building sand).

This platform should be optimised to function on any device, for quick and situation-relevant purchases in the field. It should also offer several options for goods collection or delivery, like the Redbox developed and trade focused ‘5 minute promise’ – a click and collect service from Screwfix Germany. This service had goods processed and ready for customer collection only 5 minutes from ordering the product online. A vital service for a tradesperson on the job.

Integrated too should be peer review systems, 5 star ratings for products or goods and detailed product information pages. The more information imparted to a customer by objective sources (most usually customer reviews), the more trust a consumer has in a brand or business. And for B2B in particular, reliability and trust are important factors for an ongoing trade relationship.

The Magento Enterprise experts at Redbox Digital can integrate all of the above into a singular system which integrates multiple strategies and systems seamlessly to create the best B2B experience for customers and business owners alike.