Earning loyalty from the modern consumer

Loyalty schemes are an excellent means of encouraging continued customer engagement

But the traditional model of a customer card earning points on purchases is urgently in need of greater personalisation and more dynamic execution.

A rethink of the loyalty system is in order, particularly in light of recent developments in wearable technology, in-store devices and Omnichannel strategy. Redbox has been working with international brands to help redevelop and revolutionise the traditional loyalty scheme model.

Our highly accoladed work with Paperchase culminated in the full test and launch of their new ‘Treat Me’ loyalty scheme, which integrates online and in-store purchases into the attainment of rewards or ‘treats’. During our concept phase we ascertained that rewards which take the form of money-off or physical rewards offer greater incentive for customers than the traditional points system, which seems a little outdated to modern consumers.

The ‘Treat Me’ scheme, which was recently launched nationally, has already proven to be a big hit with customers. However, it is only the tip of the iceberg for Loyalty Scheme innovation.

The next expected development in Loyalty Schemes is behaviour based loyalty, which uses new in-store technology and custom apps to measure customer behaviour both in-store and online. Frequent visitors to the physical stores could be granted special bonuses for use in that store. Customers that have shown interest in products online may be given a special discount on that particular product. The system would create an environment of wish fulfilment for the customer, and could even integrate with click and collect services for a truly Omnichannel experience.

A loyalty system based on behaviour rather than purchase history would greater engage a potential customer, and push up-selling opportunities rather than merely maintaining the status quo, as with traditional purchase-history based loyalty programs.

Our experience with loyalty schemes, our proven expertise with Magento Enterprise and our history of integrating E and M-commerce systems make us the best choice for overhauling your customer loyalty scheme.

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