Image of stylish woman kneeling, photo for Rapunzel of Sweden

Fashionable E-commerce platform

Extending the business with a clear Unified Commerce approach.


In 2007 entrepreneur Ida Backlund found an investor and started building on her dream - a company focused on delivering high quality hair extensions with a state of the art delivery- and production process. The company was suitably named Rapunzel of Sweden and is now, more than a decade later, an award-winning company and one of the frontrunners in the business delivering extensions world-wide in line with its original core values. Rapunzel’s hair is praised by celebrity stylists in Hollywood and is used by many famous a-list celebrities. 

The growth over the years has been steady and strong and today Rapunzel is present in 70 markets. About 75% of the sales comes from the eCommerce-site,  which has a clear Unified Commerce approach in order to support a continued global expansion. 

Together with SQLI Rapunzel started the journey towards creating a new, soon to be award winning e-Commerce solution, developed on Episerver Digital Experience Cloud (DXC). Through the initial prototype, UX- and design phase and the following technical development, including both advanced personalization functionality and integrations with a new ERP, the guiding star and goal was to create a website enabling continued growth for Rapunzel. The result is an eCommerce website that both offers its visitors a better user- and shopping experience as well as providing the employees behind the scenes with a more editor friendly and flexible system.

- In SQLI we have found a digital partner who challenges us. They don’t say what we want to hear. They say what we need to hear.

Johanna Saidi Head of Business Development and IT, Rapunzel of Sweden

An award winning eCommerce website

In 2019 the eCommerce website was awarded with “Most Innovative Digital Solution” during the Episerver Awards - a good proof that we managed to reach our joint high ambitions delivering a unique customer experience well worth remembering. The motivation of the jury concluded that the award was given to an innovative digital solution that manages to solve a challenge and meets a market demand in a new and exciting way. They believed the solution sets a new standard for digital content, commerce and marketing. And also perceived it as one which  improves customer- and user experiences, while supporting the overall strategies and goals of Rapunzel. 

- To win “Most Innovative Digital Solution” at Episerver Web Awards 2019 felt like a good proof that we had succeeded in creating a modern Unified Commerce platform that was not only technically strong, but also well fit to enable Rapunzel to meet the challenges of the future.

Jenny Munther Team Account Manager, SQLI