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Länna Möbler grows with help from e-commerce

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Länna Möbler established in 1973 and is a furniture retailer with store and office south of Stockholm. They offer premium furniture with a Nordic feel and with a clear focus on sustainability. They’ve grown steadily in recent years and double their turnover. A big reason behind their success is their commitment and effort to their e-commerce. 

With e-commerces’ increasing role and the need for a solution with more possibilities and that better caters to the needs of the consumers, Länna Möbler decided to let SQLI help them change platform.


When it came to the choice of platform, Länna Möbler decided to go with Episerver Commerce. In connection to this, it was also decided that the ERP needed to be upgraded as well. In short, the project consisted of the changing of platforms as well as making sure that the implementation of the ERP was executed in sync with the change and to do this as smoothly as possible. In addition, adjustments were made in order to improve the user experience on the site.

Much in the same way e-commerce has evolved, so has the furniture business in recent years. For us at Länna Möbler, it’s important to evolve and progress in line with consumer needs- and demands. With this solution, we have the infrastructure in place to do just that and at the same time stand better prepared for what the future has to offer. Our e-commerce has evolved way beyond our expectations and today, all of our sales channels are more in sync. Our customers have always been our main focus and the future looks bright!

Mattias Gustafson CEO, Länna Möbler


Beyond getting the new platform and ERP in place, we also needed to implement certain functionality to improve the user experience and business critical issues. One of the most important functionalities that was added to the site, was the management of configurable products – a significant part in Länna Möblers’ business. The functionality helps to create dynamic product numbers for a more convenient and clear process. 

In the project we also implemented an updated search functionality through Loop54, overview of stock in store and on site as well as payment solutions in Dibs, Svea Ekonomi and Swish for extended flexibility in terms of payments. 


With the new Episerver solution in place, Länna Möbler has a better and more powerful tool to work with, that also creates possibilities to add additional parts connected to Unified Commerce. At the same time they’ve added functionality that brings their user experience up a level and made sure that they’re better prepared for future challenges. 

- Länna Möbler is a perfect example of how it is possible to have sustained growth and customer satisfaction all thanks to e-commerce. In addition, when the sales channels work together as they do at Länna, synergies arise for the customer in the form of increased service and flexibility. And that is Unified Commerce, the best of both worlds.

Bengt Wessborg CSO, SQLI Sweden