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SAFRAN: Leader in Aeronautics, Defence and Security

SAFRAN UNIVERSITY chose SQLI INSTITUT to provide support for the group's users in learning to better use the SharePoint 2010 tool and, starting this year, SharePoint 2013, which was rolled out within the group as part of the COMETE project (migration of Lotus infrastructure to Microsoft).

SQLI INSTITUT acted on a number of fronts in order to provide homogeneous support to the entire group, while staying in line with the migration project as much as possible. To do so:

+ The group's IT team in charge of the migration was trained and certified on SharePoint

+ A 2-day functional training workshop was set up within the group in order to train the majority of the group's users and is still in place (SNECMA, MBD, SAGEM DS, HISPANO SUIZA, and more)

+ On-the-job training within SNECMA was also implemented in order to provide specific support to users for their day-to-day concerns.

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