Essilor sees ahead with the Design Sprint

The TKS (Technical Knowledge Spread) division called on the expertise of SQLI to hold a Design Sprint. Two POCs of the future system for knowledge sharing within the Essilor Group's World Operations were completed in just three days.

The TKS division wanted to make their tools evolve in order to move in a common direction and develop an approach based on communities of practice.

The aim was threefold:

+       Make knowledge accessible with a user-centric approach and thereby improve operational efficiency.

+       Open up information to new recruits and involve young talents in order to rapidly make them more operational.

+       Facilitate access to information and save time.

Following a call for tenders, Essilor selected SQLI for its support proposal in the form of a Design Sprint. The Group was won over by this innovative and collaborative approach, which suited its operations, all within a very short time frame.

With the Design Sprint's collaborative approach, participants immediately came on board, which resulted in models being rapidly produced. One of the two concepts for the improvement of knowledge sharing was selected and will be developed this year. Following this initial success, Essilor may envisage using the Design Sprint method again in the future to meet other challenges faced by the TKS division.


« Innovation is one of our growth drivers; we innovate in all areas of our business and products. I wanted to place the user back at the core of our considerations regarding knowledge management tools. For me, this is the key for tools to be appropriated simply and rapidly and for the result to be effective. SQLI was the first to put forward this method which convinced us. For us, it was a guarantee that our need and our organisation had been properly understood. SQLI showed great adaptability in meeting our requirements. Participants were impressed by the rapid convergence and the production of ready-to-test models in the space of just three days. This method put forward by SQLI also enabled us to raise awareness of innovative working methods among employees »


Lucie Ernoult, Knowledge Manager Essilor

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