In order to strengthen the efficiency of its commercial teams (marketing, sales, contracts), Airbus wanted to acquire a simple, high-performance tool for analysing a very large volume of statistical data from the civil air navigation market.

The Business Information Object (BIO) project used agile methods to manage the development of the DigDash Enterprise business information solution, which now provides more than 300 users with a solution for transforming the immense quantity of data (5 billion records!) into relevant information.

 Today, Airbus's business teams are able to identify trends, produce key marketing messages, refer clients to coherent models and share tangible ideas for increasing profits through the use of its aircraft.


With the BIO project, we are making a true digital transformation. Our business teams no longer wait for a monthly report in their inbox: instead, they look for the information they need directly. For our users, it still seems a bit like magic because the tool presents them with a simple appearance despite the extreme complexity at the back end. Along with the simplicity of the DigDash Enterprise solution, its quick response times were key factors to winning the support of information consumers.

Business Project Leader - Airbus

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