Wednesday 08 January 2020

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digital in store: how tablets for sales staff enhance the customer experience

The in-store shopping experience is currently in a state of transformation. More and more consumers are coming into brick and mortar stores to examine articles before going home to order them online, known as “showrooming”. They are also checking out products online before coming into stores to purchase them, known as webrooming”. As a result, the barrier between online and offline shopping is becoming blurred, customers are becoming more demanding and competition is rife.  

One way for retailers to deal with this challenging environment is to equip their Sales staff with a mobile device. This enables Sales Associates to provide customers with more detailed and personalised information, improving the overall in-store customer experience. 

Read our white paper to learn about: 

  • Today’s retail environment 
  • Why more stores are giving their Sales teams tablets 
  • What performance can be measured with a tablet 
  • Setting up a tablet programme 
  • What the future holds for the in-store customer experience
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