Monday 15 April 2019

SQLI Nantes moves into
its new premises in the Cabestan building

SQLI moves to the Euronantes-Malakoff quarter

Since 15 April 2019, all the Nantes teams have been working together in brand new premises in the Euronantes-Malakoff quarter. The agency and the Innovative Services Center (ISC) continue to grow and are now providing a new premium working environment for their staff: a 1,000-square-metre space designed to encourage interaction, creativity and collaboration. This provides SQLI with the opportunity to increase its visibility in the Nantes ecosystem: a move which is in keeping with its HR goals of developing its attractiveness as an employer.


To support its development, SQLI Nantes has moved into the Cabestan building, which is perfectly situated at the foot of the Tabarly Bridge, on the banks of the Loire and close to the Nantes railway station and all the city’s amenities. These premises provide an exceptional workplace: ergonomic layout, open space, relaxation area and meeting rooms of all sizes.

A fast-growing company, the SQLI digital experience agency aims to recruit 200 members of staff by 2020. For Eric Chanal, Manager of ISC France: “Nantes represents the second focus of development in France for the SQLI Group's service centres. This move gives us an opportunity to strengthen our dynamic, put our staff centre stage and attract the best profiles. As an industrialisation centre, the ISC is constantly innovating to ensure that it delivers the best possible user experience. We are proud to have launched the centre of excellence for the SAP Customer Experience platform (Hybris) in Nantes.”

The move is also an opportunity for SQLI to increase its visibility and relocate closer to its main partners and clients. For Stéphanie Pialat, SQLI Regional Director, Western France: “We needed to make SQLI more visible in the Nantes area to publicise our expertise in the digital experience and to continue to develop with our majors clients in banking, services and agribusiness. The Nantes region is extremely dynamic and these new premises, specially designed to cater for the new needs of our clients, provide an additional means of boosting our local business. Obviously, this new, city-centre location also solves our HR issues and will enable us to recruit more talents and experts from the fields of digital technology and e-commerce. We have applied the principles of design thinking, in which collaborative innovation and openness go hand-in-hand, to ensure total satisfaction for our staff and clients."



The story began in February 2018, when SQLI terminated the lease on its Chapelle-sur-Erdre site: this presented the company with an opportunity to look for new, modern premises suitable for the different activities carried out by the agency and the Innovative Services Center. Eight months later, the Cabestan building sprang up and a new home was found. A race against time then began to prepare for the move. It was quite a project with all its requirements, participants, budget constraints and planning.

Around 20 members of staff were involved throughout the project, working on a variety of tasks. The work progressed and designs were gradually drawn up. This was not only an opportunity to fit out the premises to reflect the company’s image, but also to enable everyone to thrive and enjoy the best possible working conditions.



From 15 April 2019, the employees will write the next chapters in the story - at 1 Boulevard de Berlin in Nantes.  

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