Thursday 27 June 2019

Calling all startups: bring your ideas to life
in a day!

SQLI launches a call for proposals for its Ideathon

In recent years, with a concern for current social and environmental challenges, the digital agency and unified commerce specialist SQLI has deployed initiatives to help build a sustainable future. This engaged player is launching a call for proposals from startups throughout France for its Ideathon being held in Bordeaux at the end of 2019.

SQLI's Ideathon: a new, meaningful event

The SQLI Ideathon is a day to imagine and give shape to a sustainable future. The aim: to offer a startup a chance to find original and disruptive solutions, in a limited time, to bring its project to life. In order to do this, SQLI will call on participants from various areas (including non-profits, companies, schools and universities), which will use human-centred design thinking methods to meet the challenge set by the startup.  

The choice of startup will be based on several assessment criteria, including its ethical dimension, the nature and ambition of its challenge, and its level of development (early stage or pivot).

The advantage of the design thinking approach is that it enables sustainable, innovative and economically viable solutions, aimed at improving people's lives, to be imagined. The Ideathon is also an opportunity for SQLI to illustrate its 100% digital positioning, embody forward thinking – one of the Group's founding values – and affirm its commitment to a sustainable and responsible future.

Stéphanie Pialat, SQLI Regional Director, Western France, explains: “The Ideathon project was initiated by our 'Digital Agitator's community: the teams in Bordeaux were looking for an ethical and meaningful project that would combine digital and innovation. We want to organise a new, different kind of event, which brings a fresh way of looking at how digital can support and transform the life of a fledgling company. Faithful to our values of altruism and sharing, we want to promote a startup that is committed to sustainable or ethical development.”

Why take part in the Ideathon?

Through this challenge, participants will have the opportunity to apply an innovative problem-solving method and serve the public interest, based on a concrete strategic challenge. Several SQLI experts (sprint masters, agile coaches and digital transformation consultants) will work alongside them to meet this challenge.

  • The selected startup will benefit from the following:
  • Concrete ideas in response to its challenge, embodied through a prototype tested by users in real conditions
  • A network of participants with various areas of expertise (such as digital consultancy, marketing, technology and UX/UI)
  • Increased visibility, via numerous communication actions planned to accompany the event
  • Ongoing support from SQLI to get from idea to deployment


The date and venue of the event will be communicated at a later stage.


Applications are free and must be submitted online

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