Wednesday 05 December 2018

Joanna Pomian appears in Silicon's article -
2019 IT employment: new jobs in information systems departments

With the rapid growth of data science, cloudification of information systems and popularisation of agile methods, profiles sought out by IS departments are radically changing, against a backdrop of skills shortages and rising wages. Which are the most promising career paths? The article identifies six main job families.

Agility requires in particular the ability to communicate and teach. "A project manager raised in a reporting culture may struggle to take on the role of agile project leader," considers Joanna Pomian, Digital Consultancy Director at SQLI.

For Joanna, the next step is large-scale agility, which involves getting several agile teams to work together. To do this, agile coaches use the scaled agile framework (SAFe). Joanna also sees the emergence of the Release Train Engineer (RTE) function, whose main role is to establish the methodological framework for agile deployment within the company. 

Read the article (French)

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