Monday 18 January 2021

CIO - Pierre Fabre makes it easier for candidates
to take clinical tests with a redesigned platform

Pierre Fabre Laboratories' Skin Research Centre, based in Toulouse, called on SQLI to rethink its platform for recruiting and managing volunteers for clinical tests.

Located in Toulouse, Pierre Fabre Laboratories' Skin Research Centre, is responsible for evaluating each dermo-cosmetic product before it is marketed. A multidisciplinary team of 70 employees designs, carries out and supervises an average of 700 clinical studies per year on a panel of more than 5,000 volunteers. Until 2019, the recruitment of these volunteers was carried out using a platform that no longer met web standards. The centre decided to call on the digital services company SQLI to rethink and facilitate the candidates journey to clinical tests, through a new platform that went online at the end of 2019.

> Read the full article (French)

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