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Thursday 07 May 2020

White paper Digital Experience Plateform: Stay ahead of the game

Digital Experience Plateform: Stay ahead of the game

People today are no longer loyal to brands; they are loyal to meaningful experiences. They expect to be able to access the same content from a range of different digital devices anytime, anywhere.

If they cannot do so, they switch brands. As a result, organisations that wish to remain competitive need to have a strategy in place that enables them to provide a seamless unified digital experience across all touchpoints. This white paper looks at how this can be achieved through a Digital ExperiencePlatform (DXP).
The document examines:

  • The role of a DXP
  • The benefits of such a platform
  • Different components of a DXP
  • Choosing and implementing a DXP solution
  • A DXP case study

Wednesday 08 January 2020

ebook What will the web of the future look like?

Expectations of the consumers have dramatically changed those last years. It is no longer sufficient to simply offer a range of services to...

Wednesday 08 January 2020

ebook designing a user-centric website

A brand’s digital presence serves as a crucial link to users and consumers. It not only showcases the brand’s identity – it helps to raise the...

Wednesday 08 January 2020

white paper digital in store: how tablets for sales staff enhance the customer experience

The in-store shopping experience is currently in a state of transformation. More and more consumers are coming into brick and mortar stores to...


Wednesday 14 October 2020

Nicolas Ragaigne's article: e-Commerce: the growing role of ethics


Times are changing, and the time when companies did business only for business' sake will soon be far behind us. In the 2010s, the idea that a company's ethical values should play a greater role in choices started to take root in the minds of consumers. And e-Commerce is no exception; quite the contrary. 

How do we define an ethical value?  

In order to be ethical, a product must meet a set of environmental and social criteria that are inherent in sustainable development and corporate social responsibility. Ethical business therefore involves a production chain that uses responsible work and production methods, including respect for employees and both the socio-economic and natural environment. 

It is not just one more marketing value,...

Tuesday 22 September 2020

Retail Week - Kevin Ludford : Five technology insights to help retail adapt and thrive

With executives from retail and tech preparing to descend on Retail Racing 2020, event founder Kevin Ludford shares learnings and advice from...

Thursday 10 September 2020

Digital Mag - Cédric Chardon: how do I integrate third party data to create effective email campaigns?

As we are all aware, audiences are bombarded with communications. To make themselves heard above the noise, marketing campaigns are crying out for...

Monday 24 August 2020

La Tribune - Paul Camicas & Stephen Demange : 5G, the tree hiding the wood?

In order for 5G to be compatible with environmental challenges, we need to start moving towards digital restraint now. If we give it this...

Press releases

Wednesday 23 September 2020


Press releases

The Directors of the SQLI Group, at a board meeting on Tuesday, 22 September 2020, acknowledged strategic differences with the CEO Didier Fauque who is leaving the Group and resigned as a Director of the company.

To ensure a smooth transition process, Philippe Donche-Gay, Chairman of the Board of Directors of SQLI, has agreed to become interim CEO as of today. Combining the two functions, he will lead the process of recruiting a new CEO. He will rely on the support from the management team in place, notably Olivier Stéphan, the Deputy General Director for Finance.

The Board of Directors also approved the interim financial statements which will be published, as planned, on Thursday, 24 September 2020, after the market closes. The results...

Tuesday 22 September 2020

Pierre Fabre redesigns its clinical trial recruitment journey

Pierre Fabre Laboratories' Skin Research Centre assesses each dermo-cosmetic product before it is marketed. Its multidisciplinary team of 70...

Monday 14 September 2020

Legrand selects SQLI for its web strategy with Acquia's DXP platform

As the leader in electrical and digital building infrastructures, Legrand distributes more than 300,000 products in 180 countries, under several...

Press Review

Wednesday 02 September 2020

Alliancy: the Clinique Pasteur switches to remote medical consultation

Press Review

Patients of the Clinique Pasteur in Toulouse can now consult the establishment's health professionals from their homes via different communication channels. A service integrated into the patient portal and developed with SQLI*.

Patients who require follow-up care after a stay in the Clinique Pasteur, or who suffer from a chronic illness, need to meet their doctors or health professionals on a regular basis. Since September 2019, they can do this from home, by connecting to their personal account on the device (laptop, tablet, computer...) and communication channel of their choice (Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Duo, Messenger or Hangouts).

"Initially, the application was little used, but due to lockdown and the current health crisis, its use...

Thursday 30 April 2020

CB News - Coronavirus: brands are always committed

One month after the start of lockdown, brands continue to get involved in the fight against Covid-19 by modifying their initial offers. Here's a...

Tuesday 10 September 2019

Alliancy - SQLI homes in on retailers

For the past 30 years, SQLI has assisted brands with their digital transformation. Today, this French digital agency is expanding in Europe and...

Monday 02 September 2019

ICTjournal - "The banking sector is not very familiar with test & learn"

A few months ago, Crédit Agricole next bank launched an online mortgage calculator. Its CEO, Thibault Reversé, as well as the project managers,...

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