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Monday 30 November 2020

White paper Digital Workplace: connect, collaborate and grow sustainably

White papers

Business success today relies on connectivity, collaboration and the capacity to make decisions in real time. This means that organisations that wish to remain competitive need to transform the way in which they work, in order to allow people to be productive from anywhere at any time.

The key to success lies in the effective implementation of a digital workplace strategy, capable of driving operational efficiency and social connections.

This white paper provides insights into the digital workplace and looks at:

  • The definition of a digital workplace
  • Key players in the digital workplace space
  • The benefits of a digital workplace
  • Best practices when implementing a digital workplace
  • A digital workplace case study



Thursday 07 May 2020

White paper Digital Experience Plateform: Stay ahead of the game

People today are no longer loyal to brands; they are loyal to meaningful experiences. They expect to be able to access the same content from a...

Wednesday 08 January 2020

ebook What will the web of the future look like?

Expectations of the consumers have dramatically changed those last years. It is no longer sufficient to simply offer a range of services to...

Wednesday 08 January 2020

ebook designing a user-centric website

A brand’s digital presence serves as a crucial link to users and consumers. It not only showcases the brand’s identity – it helps to raise the...


Tuesday 12 January 2021

JDN - Julie-Sofie Weye Hemdorff: guarantee the success of your e-commerce platform with excellent customer onboarding


When a new e-commerce platform fails, it’s easy to blame the technology. Sometimes the tech actually is the culprit, but more often than not it’s simply because companies fail to persuade their customers to actually use it.

Customer onboarding relates to every aspect of how you welcome customers to your website and brand ecosystem. Research shows that customer onboarding is extremely important, as it lays the foundation for the relationship you build with your customers. It plays a key part in whether or not they will trust the new online way of doing business with you. When done properly it can increase customer profitability, satisfaction, and loyalty. Here are 7 tips for developing your approach:

1. Plan early

When projects are...

Friday 08 January 2021

LeMagIT - Estanislao Montesinos Gomez - Manufacturing: digital transformation is impossible without data management

With global supply chains and the complex landscape of suppliers and vendors, the coronavirus pandemic impacts manufacturers the hardest. As...

Wednesday 18 November 2020

HR Voice - Christian Neu & Pierre-Antoine Person - Digital workplace: Learning lessons from the crisis

In addition to radically changing our daily lives and health system, Covid-19 has greatly disrupted the organisation of companies, which have been...

Wednesday 28 October 2020

MyDigitalWeek - Jean-Baptiste Gerberon: a survivor's guide to omnichannel!

"Survival is 90% mental. " This is the kind of maxim you will often hear in courses run by the likes of adventurer Mike Horn and other survival...

Press releases

Monday 04 January 2021

SQLI reaffirms its commitment to developing employee skills

Press releases

SQLI is ever more committed to the upskilling of its employees. Its proactivity is demonstrated by the trophy awarded by Coorpacademy, specialist in e-learning for businesses, to reward the company offering the greatest variety of content on its training platform in 2020.

An extensive training programme thanks to 100%-SQLI courses

One of the actions taken by SQLI to increase its employees’ skills was to roll out the e-learning platform provided by Coorpacademy. Named ONE Genius, the platform provides an extensive training programme centred around two wide subject areas: project management and managing a team. With the possibility of integrating content created by its own dedicated teams in combination with videos from Coorpacademy’s...

Thursday 26 November 2020

Radiance Mutuelle maximises its visibility with its new website

Radiance Mutuelle is the sub-brand for the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Bourgogne-Franche-Comté regions of Malakoff Humanis, a leading provider of...

Thursday 19 November 2020

Zuny: VOO sets out to conquer digital natives with SQLI

Telecoms provider VOO launched Zuny on 6th October 2020, especially created with Belgium’s younger generation in mind. When it came to developing...

Monday 16 November 2020

Betclic puts its money on the Design Sprint to improve mobile user recruitment

In the sports betting industry, companies have to keep on innovating in order to deliver the best possible experience to users, particularly on...

Press Review

Tuesday 15 December 2020

L'Usine Digitale: how Jøtul transformed a corporate website into a platform for its retailers and end customers

Press Review

Jøtul, a Norwegian manufacturer specialised in cast iron stoves and fireplaces, called on SQLI to review its entire digital ecosystem. The aim was twofold: improve brand awareness among future users of its products and promote the expertise of retailers, which are a key link in the purchase chain.

Jøtul, a Norwegian manufacturer specialised in cast iron stoves and fireplaces, has long sold its products via a network of retailers. The company, whose French subsidiary is based in Lyon, has worked with SQLI for four years to make the catalogue more accessible for retailers and bring dedicated mini-websites online, enabling harmonisation of the visual identity and optimisation of the brand's search engine traffic.

In 2018, SQLI won the call...

Thursday 19 November 2020

Journal de la Rechange & de la Réparation (J2R): Autodistribution turns to SQLI to fulfil its digital ambitions

The Autodistribution group is working with omnichannel specialist SQLI for the deployment of new B2B and B2C digital solutions.

Autodistribution is...

Wednesday 02 September 2020

Alliancy: the Clinique Pasteur switches to remote medical consultation

Patients of the Clinique Pasteur in Toulouse can now consult the establishment's health professionals from their homes via different communication...

Thursday 30 April 2020

CB News - Coronavirus: brands are always committed

One month after the start of lockdown, brands continue to get involved in the fight against Covid-19 by modifying their initial offers. Here's a...

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