SQLI Group called upon for its wide range of digital expertise including digital strategy, user experience, creative design and technological mastery.

The LYCRA ONE™ portal includes latest innovations, a fabric library, a knowledge center, certification services and merchandising assets, allowing garment producers and retailers to collaborate digitally.

What’s new for the customers of The Lycra Company?

The LYCRA Company, a global leader in developing innovative solutions for the apparel and personal care industries today announced the continued expansion of their LYCRA ONE™ Online Network, developed hand in hand with SQLI’s Teams in Switzerland and Morocco. Bearing in mind the continuous improvement of the global offering of the apparel brand, the new online customer portal empowers brands, retailers, and garment makers to connect to a global network of mills via one convenient platform focused on the science of comfort, fit and performance.

Covid-19: New needs have emerged from customers

Prior to the pandemic, there was already a need in the marketplace for a digital experience allowing brands and retailers to connect to mills and manufacturers in a virtual capacity without losing the inherent advantages of an in-person connection.

Thanks to this new portal, users can now:

  • Source innovative fiber solutions using the digital fabric library
  • Connect with mills to begin or expand on business relationships
  • Learn about capabilities
  • View product catalogs

“The LYCRA Company has one of the most powerful brand franchises in the Apparel world, and a rich legacy of innovation with a unique IP estate, so we are primed to capitalize on digital transformation. The launch of the LYCRA ONE™ portal leverages our connectivity across the global apparel and personal care value chains, showcases our wide range of products and services, and offers a one-stop solution to rapidly move our customers’ ideas from concept to commercial execution” said CEO of the LYCRA Company, Julien Born.

Global architecture

A requirement was to define and build an overall digital eco-system, available 24/7 around the globe, including a presence in China. Drupal/Acquia, an agile Content Management System platform, had to be deeply integrated with LYCRA’s Customer Relationship Management (SalesForce) and Digital Asset Management (Widen) systems. The new architecture allowed the company:

  • To integrate all LYCRA brands under one umbrella
  • To simplify its IT landscape and offload IT from system management and security tasks, thanks to the Acquia Cloud infrastructure and services
  • To ease the content integration and increase the velocity of the business teams
  • To have a solid and evolving foundation to develop its future digital services on

An international collaboration

By connecting the competences and proven experience of both SQLI and The LYCRA Company, it was agreed to work in close collaboration. An Agile method was put in place, with a client-side Product Owner, who defined priorities and a continuous delivery cycle.

By using this method, both teams benefited from great flexibility and reactivity.

With the initiatives of both teams, the LYCRA ONE™ portal now features a knowledge center where users can access exclusive content such as webinars, white papers, and videos covering new fiber technologies, industry trends, marketing, sustainability, and more. These resources help educate users on maximizing the value of The LYCRA Company and its innovative solutions to deliver products that meet their consumers’ needs and provide inspiration for new ideas.

Thanks to this successful collaboration, customers will find innovative marketing and merchandising solutions, including brand assets and garment hang tags, through the LYCRA ONETM platform. Additionally, trademark license agreements and fiber certifications can be requested, which help to strengthen the quality of items guaranteed by the LYCRA® brand.

To learn more and register for the LYCRA ONE™ portal, visit the LYCRA Portal and select the signup button.