[White paper] B2B e-commerce

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed B2B e-commerce to new heights.

Overcoming the four key challenges

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Buyers in this sector are conditioned by their consumer experiences and anticipate a similar frictionless and personalized B2B shopping experience. To stay competitive, businesses must overcome a number of obstacles in order to fully utilize digital commerce and innovative business models within their organizations. This white paper will show you how e-commerce can provide you with new opportunities.

This white paper will teach you:

  • 6 crucial figures that every B2B organization should be aware of
  • The 4 new digital commerce challenges that B2B companies have faced in the last year
  • Insights and testimonials from seven key players, including Carlsberg, Miele, Scott Sports, and Bridgestone, on how they overcame these obstacles

Chapters list

Page 4 - From multichannel to omnichannel

Page 5 - 6 key figures every B2B company should know

Page 6 - The 4 Key challenges to embracing digital

Page 9 - Challenge 1 - B2B buyers are increasingly adopting digital touchpoints

Page 12 - Challenge 2 - B2B buyers have higher expectations across the purchase journey

Page 16 - Challenge 3 - B2B sellers don’t deliver seamless omnichannel experience

Page 20 - Challenge 4 - B2B sellers mistake omnichannel for e-commerce the next steps

Page 24 - To B2B e-commerce success


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