Sell more products online via better product information with inRiver.


inRiver's product information management (PIM) solution enables better customer experiences for branded manufacturers, industrial manufacturers, and retailers to sell their products and solutions across any channel or marketplace quickly and easily.

inRiver helps businesses increase revenues, customer satisfaction, and brand equity for over 1,500 brands and 500 customers globally. Headquartered in Malmö, Sweden, inRiver has offices in Chicago and Amsterdam. For more information, visit in inRiver's website.


For its SaaS accessibility and flexibility, features, and usability/user interface, inRiver has been positioned by IDC Marketscape as a global leader in PIM.

Product information management is a crucial tool for businesses to use to increase product sales throughout the whole customer experience. Teams may more readily access new capabilities like translations and printing thanks to inRiver's multitenant SaaS PIM solution. PIM customers may scale their commerce operations quickly to improve time to market and consumer expectations when they install PIM in the cloud.

The expansion of the product information management industry serves as a reminder of the value of providing customers with accurate and interesting product information.


Faster time to market

  • Seamless connections and integrations to all business systems securely
  • Full control of product range with single version of product marketing data
  • Multitenant SasS solution means no downtime, no upgrades, no hardware purchases — just a powerful solution


Exceptional customer experience

  • Create consistent and complete product stories for an omnichannel world
  • Leverage contextual and relevant product data in any language to drive experiences, not just purchases
  • Syndicate content for scalable distribution
  • Build better product information to reduce costly customer returns

Greater global presence

  • Scale quickly and easily across marketplaces or channels with complete control of product data
  • Seamlessly translate product stories in any language, any time 
  • Build adaptive workflows for better efficiencies


Community of experts

  • Vibrant partner community to support, inspire, and guide implementations
  • Dedicated online Service Center, inRiver Academy, and expert services professionals
  • 3,000+ PIM, marketing, IT, product, and e-commerce professionals to knowledge-share and network with

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